[Updated]A “M” Pattern Formation on the Euro Swiss Franc(EURCHF) -For A Bullish Potential Trade Set-up!

A potential “M” pattern in the making for a bullish trade on the Euro Swiss Franc(EURCHF) currency pair…See image below!

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I shall keep you all posted as event unfolds

I would love this post to be interactive…feel free to ask any questions.

Price has finally reached our entry zone,although I missed the trade.Price nice broke/price through the support level(fakey)…but only to turn back and move and my direction…see image below.

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fx 1

Let’s see how far the price will travel,If I had taken this trade I would have moved my stop loss to break even,with aim of targeting that major resistance level(sorry I forgot to mark on the chart).

More examples will be posted in my subsequent posts…Train your eyes to identify such patterns on your chart…And don’t forget to ask questions using the comment box!

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