Analysis on the EurUsd-Bearish Gartley Pattern

Below you can see the bearish Gartley Pattern that form within a dominant bearish market…this is what I love looking for;trading this powerful set-ups within trends,tend to give one a huge reward-like they’ve oftentimes say the “The Trend is your friend.”


In the above image price took almost three days to complete the Gartley pattern,giving us a nice risk to reward scenario.

bu 1

You can see price took a dip after testing the entire zones and finally hitting both the first and targets…

Read my article on The Gartley Pattern-How to Identify it on The Chart to get a clear understanding of what I wrote here.

Conclusion: Learn to trade these patterns with the trend and see how powerful they are….More will be added soon,you can share your opinions using the comment box below and don’t forget hit the share button & share this info with your friends.

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