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Is a scam or not? Here is an review
that can help you take a firm decision to join the program or not. This
review is written as detailed as possible, but you are free to ask us
more questions about if you are still in doubt or contact the customer service team who are more than willing to hear your queries. is regarded as a club of Anonymous Bitcoin Traders (ABT) who want to earn passive income effortlessly. strives
to use the funds they collect judiciously in bitcoin trading. This is
why it can guarantee at least 3.84% consistently until the investor
decides to pull out his funds. Payment Status: SCAM is not paying. Do Not Invest! has
an attractive platform for investment. Its international status is seen
on the home page which displays three other languages apart from the
English language. Investors and visitors to the website can freely
choose any of the languages they understand best. There is also a clock
on the home page which can be an instrument for investors to count down
to the time when their investment will mature. The current bitcoin price
also helps to figure out how safe it would be to continue investing or
withdraw profits.
Just in case you would like to try its services
before investing, you can open a free demo account which represents a
typical live account except that you won’t be able to withdraw the
amount you see on it. The demo helps you develop some level of
confidence and to master the features on the website.

Overview of

There are some particular benefits of that make it look more appealing than other similar sites. Here are a few of them:

Hourly Profits 24/7 pays
every hour, even on weekends. You can also withdraw funds on Saturdays
and Sundays provided you have enough in your account.

Good Profits

You can expect something better than bank interest rates on As you earn 3.84% everyday
including the weekends, you can be sure of realizing your dreams in the
nearest possible time. The daily percentage also applies to the minimum
requirement of 0.01 BTC but to increase your earnings, we encourage
that you either reinvest your profits or top up your balance. Investment Plans

Yes, you can Top Up

of creating a separate plan, you have an opportunity to top up your
balance. To do this is simple; just go to your account, click “top up”
and the rest is as easy as ABC.  Profits for topped up funds will begin
to accumulate immediately.

Withdraw your Deposits if you are fed up

Every investor is a king at If
you like, you can leave your funds forever or withdraw it after 24
hours. However, there is hardly a thing you may find uninteresting about
the project. You are advised to use the demo account to know how the
program works before you start. Deposit withdrawal costs 7% of whatever
you are withdrawing. This only applies to initial deposit withdrawal as
other withdrawals and deposits are free of charge. To take back your
deposits, simply go to your account and click the “interrupt” button.
You can withdraw 100% of the funds you started with.

No Problem with Multiple Accounts

is one HYIP that has no problem with multiple account registration. As
long as you have no intention of referring yourself, you are free to own
as many accounts as you would want. Members of the same family can also
open different accounts on the same computer and IP address without
fear of having their accounts frozen as long as there is also no
referral within members of the same family.

Compounding Possible

your interest every hour as you receive your benefits to enjoy more
profits in the end. The IT experts designed this feature in such a way
that the investor can decide on the percentage of available balance to
compound. One can compound a fraction and withdraw the rest into a
bitcoin wallet.

Support Team

The support team
provides more information to questions and solutions to problems that
seem extraordinary. They work 24/7 just to make sure that their
investors are always happy.


You can maximize your profits by telling others about This
is simple with the referral link which is already made for every
registered person. Anybody can become an affiliate and earn 7% without
any limitation.

Social Links

You can follow on
Facebook, YouTube and Twitter once they are fully developed. The
YouTube channel will give more explanation about what the project stands
for while the Facebook and Twitter links will help every investor to
become more acquainted with the happenings of the company.


you enter on the website is safe. Your passwords, your name and your
money are given an extra layer of security with their 256-Bit Secure
Socket Layer and Dedicated Server, which has a DDoS protection. To
further ensure that you are the only one who gains access to your
account, has developed a two-factor authentication process for any account login.

Fast Payment

This is one area where stands
shoulders high above other paying HYIPs. There are less issues of
pending payments because most of them are processed before the next
second after clicking on the withdrawal button. In earnest, they pay in
milliseconds and you will be given a unique transaction ID as soon as
you request for your profits.

Conclusion is not paying. Do Not Invest!


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