Binary Options ProBot Scam Review – Busted!

Binary Options ProBot Scam Review - Busted!

Binary Options ProBot Scam Review.

We took a tentative look and saw a score of redflags, enough to raise our suspicions. You can read about what we found below. In the meantime, we want to warn everyone reading this to never ever sign up with any trading system before checking with us first.

It seems that there are multiple fake review sites online right now that give positive reviews to these horrible robots in order to make a little money on the side. Make sure the review blog site you read from is a trusted source. If you don’t get your reviews from Binary Options Scam Watch Monitor, then be careful who you do decide to trust.

Happy Trading!

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Trading Robot or Scam Robot?

Binary Options ProBot Scam Review - Busted!
Binary Options ProBot Scam

 There are very few truly successful binary options trading robots on the market today, and even most of those don’t last very long. They seem to come and go, with a period of success followed by an inevitable collapse as market conditions are continuously changing.The market is literally flooded with scam trading robots that scoop up vulnerable traders, steal their money, and spit them back out. That is why it is so important to research each software trading bot before signing up. You can always send us a message about any system you are interested in for our feedback.

Nameless Faceless Creator?

Nobody really knows who is behind the Binary Options ProBot. Whoever he or she is, they are keeping their identity pretty closely guarded. The only information provided is that they “are a team of traders”.

This is incredibly vague. When creating a legitimate product a person should not be ashamed to have their real face and real name behind it, backing it up. Only someone afraid of getting caught would hide their true identity.

If you have nothing to hide, then you won’t be ashamed to show your face. One of our fall back rules is that a legitimate product would have a proud creator with their real name behind it.

Demo Account to Practice On

through the description you’ll see that Binary Options ProBot claims
that before using real money, you can practice with their software on a
demo account after you sign up. This way, they say, you can see if the
software is actually working before you start taking real trades with
real risks. We spoke via email to two people who signed up and attempted
to use the demo account.

They relayed to us that when they chose “demo
mode” they were immediately trading live with real money. They didn’t
realize their account was taking real trades until it was too late.
Suffice to say, they lose quite a bit of money in “demo mode”. This is
evidence of a down right dirty trick. This is malicious and sneaky!
Clearly the creators behind this scam will stop at nothing to steal your

A Strategy or Trading Blind?

Options ProBot continuously brags about their one of a kind trading
algorithm that they use to produce their insane 89% ITM. Take note that
nowhere on their website do they even attempt to explain how their
algorithm works. They keep this completely in the dark because in
actuality there is no secret trading algorithm and they have nothing
special to offer you. They are simply bluffing about this trading secret
and won’t share it with you because they can’t share it with you.

We contacted the customer support at Binary Options ProBot to see if they
could give us any explanation for our review and they declined to answer
us. Honestly, why would you trust a trading robot that doesn’t explain
to you how it works. This is a compute software supposedly designed by a
professional team and in their own words they describe their system as
the “stealth bomber” of softwares. It sounds nice, but without any solid
proof, all they have are empty words. Check out a similar scam, SEE HERE.

Beta Testers or Stolen Pictures?

headline claims “See how ordinary people just like you have made money
with our robot!” But the truth lies behind their smiling faces. Oddly
enough, all 4 of these “traders” had their pictures swiped off a
website. Each picture shown was literally taken from the same site and
falsely used against their will. These people aren’t traders and they
aren’t “just like you”. If you want to base your future success off of
the success of these people, then you’ll be sore out of luck! Check out
the stolen photos from the original website.

Binary Options ProBot Scam Review - Busted!

again, Binary Options Pro Bot scam shows us that they don’t actually
have any real proof that their system works. False promises and fake
pictures don’t add up and fail every time!

Binary Options ProBot Scam 89% ITM; Proof?

software claims a staggeringly high ITM of 89%, sometimes 90%. No
surprises here, they offer no proof to back up this claim. As we
mentioned above, all 4 of their beta testers are fake people with fake
results. So after tossing this proof out the window, we are left with
nothing but a claim of 89% ITM. We have no solid reason to believe this
claim or give the Binary Options ProBot the benefit of the doubt after
they have given nothing to us but a scam website.

Keep in mind when you
are considering this software that nowhere, not once, have they given
you any real information about their software. They have woven together a
bunch of baseless claims in the hopes that you believe them. Don’t.

A Better Option?

far better option is Social Trading with Tradeo, where real faces and
real names exist. This transparent trading broker is fully regulated and
gives you the ability to talk to other traders and get real feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at any time!

always, check with us before investing with any financial service.
We’ll do our very best to give you sound advice. If you have been
scammed and lost money with any system online, please email us for some
helpful tips on how to reclaim your money!

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