Review – Guaranteed profit up to 35% per month Review – Guaranteed profit up to 35% per month

Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision.
is a company registered to mine bitcoins and distribute profits to all
its creditors. This means they are licensed to handle funds from the
public who are interested in growing their money without their actual
involvement in the tasks. The company is located in Sweden while it is
itself registered in the UK. The reason for the difference in location
is that the machines used by Bitcoin World have better operating
conditions in Sweden. Besides, the company was acquired while it was in
Sweden but later on registered in the UK by its new owner. Payment Status: SCAM has turned into SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!
accepts people from any country to invest with them. First, you have to
determine which mining power you would want to have and pay for it. Of
course, you need to go through the simple registration process on the
website before you can participate in the investment. There are
different forms of investments here depending on the server you are
interested in renting.

Bitcoin World has a team of ITIL qualified
staff that are capable of ensuring the best returns for your money. With
their efforts and the use of the latest fool proof algorithms in
mining, people can be sure that the money they invest can yield the
profits promised by Bitcoin World.

Overview of
is one of the most fascinating investment websites. It can leave any
visitor thrilled and eager to complete registration on a first visit.
The information on the website is written in plain English for everyone
to understand and even if you happen not to understand English, there
are ten other languages to switch to. The languages include Turkish,
French, German, Chinese, Italian and more. To change the language on the
website, simply click on the flag at the stop right hand corner of the
page and you will see a host of others. You can do this on a desktop, a
tablet or a phone.

The home page has a YouTube video about the
company. With the video, you can learn about the company’s history,
operations and why they can guarantee a steady profit. Information about
the company’s profile can also be read on the website.

You can
read news about Bitcoin World on their website. The news show
progressive events right from the time the company started. If you are
curious to know what Bitcoin World can offer you, then you are
encouraged to read their news.
is on social network. You can link directly to their page by clicking
the Facebook icon on the website. Their Facebook group is public so
there is no special approval needed to join them. Privacy policy and
terms of conditions are clearly given and can be read by following the
links close to the Facebook symbol.

Benefits of Investment Program

It is International

World is one place where people from any country can feel at home doing
business. Profits are calculated in US dollars, which is considered as
the central point for most currency conversions. This also eases your
work of knowing how much you have earned over a certain period.
Investors are also not required to prove citizenship of any particular
country. All that is required is a simple sign up with an email address.

Multiple Plans

are seven different servers to select from when making an investment in
Bitcoin World. The servers are labeled S1 to S7, with S1 bearing the
least requirement and profit. One can rent the S1 server with a
commitment of only $10 to get a monthly profit of 24%, which translates
to $2.4 for $10 initial deposit and $24 profit for $100 initial deposit.
The investment runs for 300 days excluding weekends. You can use the
calculator below each server plan to calculate the profit you can make
with the amount you want to invest.

The next higher server plan is
the S2 plan and it pays 25% per month. S3 pays 28% per month and it
lasts for 270 days while S4 and S5 pay 29% and 33% interest per month
respectively. The highest servers to rent are the S6 and S7 servers
which pay 34% and 35% respectively. Companies can find it easier to
invest in this one if they want to increase their capital base. Partnership

World is ready to partner with anybody who can spare some time to tell
others about their activities. This partnership is not without profit as
Bitcoin World has devised a nine-step commission program to boost the
morale of every partner. The first step pays 5% of invitees’ deposits
while the second, third, fourth and fifth steps pay 3%, 2%, 1% and 1%
respectively. The remaining steps attract a profit of 0.5% from deposits
of partners. An individual has the right to enjoy all these commissions
at the same time and this is possible when every invitee from an
investor aspires to be an active partner.

Variable Payment Systems

can participate in the online investment plans by depositing through
any of the following payments systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney,
Payza, AdvCash and Bitcoin. Profits accrued at the end of an investment
period can also be withdrawn through the same processors.

Automatic Withdrawal

World believes that nothing should hinder you from enjoying your money
if you have it. They are eager to answer your call whenever you want a
withdrawal because that is actually the first reason why they are in

No-Fee Transactions

You don’t need to
worry about transaction fees as everything has already been worked out
in the compensation plan. You will get exactly what you request for into
your electronic wallet except if your payment processor charges deposit
fees. This should not be a hindrance anyway since that is what they
need to keep your wallet safe and active.

Customer Support

customer support is friendly and fast. They handle diverse cases
promptly such as how to handle investments and issues about account
security. If you suspect any hack attempt or password theft, contact the
customer support immediately and your issue will be quickly rectified.

Multiple Mining Options

is not the only cryptocurrency mined at Bitcoin World. This is to boost
profit making opportunities so that the company can last longer and
continue paying all their investors. Some other cryptocurrencies that
are mined include Litecoin and Zcash.

Simple Requirements

is nothing difficult about Bitcoin World. Even the amount of money
required to become a member is reduced to just $10. Registration is also
simple as it requires only an email address and a password.

Conclusion has turned into SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

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