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Is a scam site or a paying site? We seem to have an answer to that but it would better if you read the whole page for the review.
is a project organized by BitMagnet Limited, an organization in the UK
which was established in 2016 to mine cryptocurrency and develop
hardware for computers. The online project, however, kicked off in Jan
2017, after the owners and the technical team discovered that it would
be needful to add more capital to their project. This led to the launch
of for people to deposit funds and also enjoy a rapid
increase of their bitcoins. Payment Status: NOT PAYING is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!
is recognized by the law as the company is a registered one with the
license number, 10521560. The company is located at 38 The Bramblings,
London, UK. At the moment, already has over 3200 account
holders who have deposited more than 180 BTC.

Overview of
has a well-designed website which is quite comprehensive and easy to
follow. The links on the site are all functional, and one can even
handle every operation on a mobile phone, meaning there may be no need
always to carry your laptop when you want to withdraw or make deposits.
The program is a long-term project, but investors can earn daily if they
have sufficient amounts in their accounts. is open to investors worldwide who have bitcoin wallets. There are lots of benefits for partakers of the project to enjoy.

Benefits of

High but Moderate Interest Rate
is one of those companies who doesn’t promise unrealistic returns. With
0.001 BTC, it is possible to get 3.60% profit at the end of the day.
The gain is calculated every hour and reflected on the member’s account
balance so that anyone who has the required minimum balance for
withdrawal can send a request. Hourly withdrawal is easier for
those who benefit 0.1% and 0.19% every hour. To join such ones, you will
have to deposit a minimum of 5.001 BTC or 50001 BTC respectively. The
profit calculator beside chart showing the investment plans can be used
to check one’s possible benefits.

Account Security
security of investors’ funds is at the heart of the owners of the
company. For this reason, they have disabled the possibility of changing
certain details after registration. Details such as bitcoin accounts
and email addresses cannot be modified once used to sign up because they
are sensitive and are the primary targets of most hackers.

Weekend Withdrawals
from Mondays to Fridays, investors can also collect interests on
Saturdays and Sundays. This presents an opportunity for their bitcoins
to grow more than others who are registered on sites where payments are
only made on business days.

Automatic Withdrawal
you choose not to reinvest your accumulated earnings, the other option
is for you to withdraw it to the Bitcoin wallet that was used in
registering the account. Requests for withdrawals are processed
immediately. No need to wait for minutes or hours as some other investment sites do.

Constant and Friendly Support
has one of the fastest support systems. Although there is no chat link
at the moment, you can create a support ticket or send an email to the
address provided on the site.

Your Deposit is Yours
You are free to request for your initial deposit
whenever you feel like quitting. However, there will be a cut of 5% on
whatever you started with if you wish to withdraw. You are free to
request for it after 24 hours from the time you made the deposit. This
is the only time will ask for withdrawal fees. All other withdrawals are processed free of charge.

Affiliate Commission
You can also get rich by promoting the affairs of
You will be aided with banners and links to succeed as an affiliate and
get rewarded 5% of their friends’ deposits and withdraw the benefits
without hitches. There is no need to make a deposit yourself before
withdrawing affiliate benefits.

Conclusion is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

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