Review – SCAM! Not Paying!

Is a scam or not? It has come to our notice that lots of people are searching everywhere to know the authenticity of so we thought it wise to make a review for you. is
an investment platform of BitRush Limited, a private limited company
established and registered in the UK under the number, 10568977. The
company headquarters can be found in London at Aldgate, St. Botolph
Street, EC3A 7DT. The company is a fast-growing one with much of its
success attributed to its intelligent team of bitcoin traders. Payment Status: SCAM! Not paying! is now a SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

though the bitcoin market is characterized by irregular trends, the
young professionals are using it to the advantage of the company and all
whose money are invested into it. This is the reason they are asking
the public to support the program by depositing a token which would be
gathered to increase their capital and make more profits for everyone in
the family.

Overview of

The company
website looks cool and easy to use. The links do not waste time in
opening, whether on a phone (Android, Apple devices, etc) or on a
laptop. The links are placed at the bottom and at the top of every page
so that you won’t have to scroll up or down each time, or go to a
particular page before you can find a link that can direct you to
another page. The traders seem to have been experienced in the field as
one can see in the fulfillment of its promises—paying promptly and
satisfying every investor. It doesn’t require much to be a partaker of
the blessings showered by Only a simple registration
of less than 5 minutes and a little deposit of less than $2 will set
you on the track to your financial freedom.

Benefits of

Several qualities make it seem as if is what every HYIP and bitcoin enthusiast needs.  We have tried to count a few of them below:

Specialization in Bitcoins

intelligent guess about the future of the value of bitcoins will show
that the cryptocurrency is forging ahead. Bitcoin is the most accepted
cryptocurrency and is widely used too. Many ecommerce sites are now
accepting it and soon, bitcoin ATMs will be seen everywhere. The value
of the currency has risen above $1000 in several weeks and it seems
there is no going back for it. With all these improvements on the
currency, it is only reasonable for one to seek ways on how to own some.
This is why has come up with its trading strategies
to help people grow their bitcoins. With only a little bitcoin invested,
it is possible to never get poor again. Four Profitable Investment Packages gives
investors a chance to choose any of the four investment packages they
feel safe with. The four of them are very profitable and can increase
one’s bitcoins in no time. The least of the plan pays 0.13% every hour,
and this amounts to a profit of 3.12% everyday. If you would like to
increase your benefits, you can try the next plan which pays 0.15%
hourly and 3.6% daily. The next two plans have a daily commission of
4.08% and 5.04% daily, and just like the previous two, the profits are
credited to your account every hour. You may choose to withdraw anytime
or accumulate the funds for another investment. Investment Plans

Commissions is
expanding its market and they want everybody to be a part of it. This
is why it has opened opportunities for affiliates to join in delivering
its services effectively to the doorsteps of potential clients.
Commissions are paid to affiliates and country representatives who do
more work in educating and sensitizing the people by direct
communication. Affiliates who use just banners and links to spread the
word about BitRush earn 5% anytime their invitees make a deposit while
representatives earn 10% since their work is more tasking.

Instant Payments

will get paid instantly after sending your withdrawal requests. This is
unlike the case where payments remain pending for several hours.

Instant Funding is
quite aware that the earlier your funds are credited to your account,
the faster it becomes to start earning. For this reason, it has reduced
the number of confirmations needed from the Blockchain to confirm any
payment. Immediately the third confirmation is received, your money will
be credited at once so that your investment can begin in earnest. The
entire waiting period would usually not last more than 20 minutes.

Very Low Minimum Deposit

is the practice of most HYIP investors to start with the least
available option for their investments. understands that
investors want to play safe on any program they are trying for this
first time so it has allowed a low start-up deposit that is not even up
to $2. Actually, with only 0.001 BTC, one can become a member of BitRush
Limited and will be enrolled for hourly profits. Nevertheless, one can
increase the value so that instead of starting with the 0.001 BTC for
instance, the person may decide to start with twice or thrice the amount
to have more profits.

Deposit Remains Yours

can ask for your deposit anytime you feel like quitting. This however
requires a processing fee of 5%. There are no other charges for deposits
and withdrawals from your account.

Lifetime Earnings

You are going to continue receiving profits everyday for as long as the exists.
This could be an opportunity to plan a one-year project or sustain
yourself in a school program that demands taking a leave from your
current job.


You can meet the support team
anytime you like by sending an email or a ticket on the “contact us”
page.  The support team works hard to reply all mails within 24 hours.
However, the FAQ section is also structured in a way that answers most
queries, so before sending a ticket, you may as well look at the FAQs.
Technical issues such as retrieving account information and suspicious
logins into one’s account are best resolved by sending a ticket or an

Conclusion is now a SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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