Review – Not Paying

Is a scam or not? We have prepared a review of to
help you make a firm decision about investing in the project. Left to
us, we would readily recommend that you join the program immediately,
but we don’t just want to do that since the choice is entirely yours.
are therefore going to tell you a bit about the company and hope you
draw a good conclusion that would affect your financial status
positively. Payment Status: NOT PAYING is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

To begin with, it is necessary to trace the origin of
The website is an avenue for the company, BTC Consultancy Limited, to
achieve its goals, help the poor, and the rich who want to become
richer. The company is an authority in cryptocurrency trading and it has
been successful all along owing to the availability of a great team of
economists, engineers, technicians, computer scientists and website
analysts who have come to work together. At the end of their daily
activities, they get more than enough for themselves such that they are
also able to distribute some profits to as many as would support the
project by investing their spare funds. BTC Consultancy Limited is a
UK-based company which is located at 17 Standish Court, PE2 9RR
Peterborough, United Kingdom. The company is registered with the number,
10378162. was launched in February 2017,
months after the company actually started. The launching of the website
has been just an avenue for BTC Consultancy Limited to increase its
capital so as to make trading more profitable. The project is now open
to international investors who believe in the future of bitcoin and
would want to increase their wealth by doing almost nothing.

Overview of has
a well designed layout and is simple for anyone to use. The site comes
in two different languages for the benefit of English and Russian
speakers. Just like most other companies of this nature, it is only
legal for an 18-year old to participate in the investment policies and
share from the company’s operations. Apart from this age bracket, others
would be considered illegal, but there is a way to go about this
assuming you are still a college student who wants an extra means of
survival. You could ask your parent for their permission or a senior you
know who may register an account on your behalf.
Having said a lot already about what typically does, it is now time to see how the project could be of benefit to you.

Benefits of

The first thing you may want to know about is how profitable it is, so let us begin from there.

High Profit Potential of is sincerely not a joke when it comes to profitability.  The interest rate offered by is
variable so you cannot expect a particular interest every day. However,
since its inception, it has been on record that no single day has
passed without every investor earning at least 6% of their deposits.
Going by the activities of the last few days, it appears that the
company can give out between 6% and 8% daily. This is quite nice
considering the fact that investment opportunities like this which are
not forced or pressured to give out a certain percentage everyday often
live longer than their counterparts. Of course, what is really more
important in this kind of thing is to be sure of a secondary source of
earning, no matter how little it may be. It is best to consistently
receive small amounts over a long period than to enjoy massive profits
once or twice, only to discover that the third profit you are expecting
from that HYIP with huge promises may never come your way because it has
eventually become a scam. People who have had such an experience have
felt very bitter because they literally lost everything in their savings
within a few hours.

Variable Investment Amount has
developed their investment system to suit those who want to be more
flexible in the amount they invest. The least and largest amounts for
investing in the project are 0.01 BTC and 50 BTC respectively, but
anyone is free to spend anything between these values for the same
interest rate that applies to all. Of course, the more money you spend,
the more your profit rises, but there are no differences in the interest
rate for Mr A who invests 0.3 BTC and Mr B who invests up to 40 BTC.
Everybody gets the same interest, according to the performance of the
market each day.

Low Withdrawal Amount

You don’t
need to have too much in your account before you can withdraw. As a
matter of fact, having a balance of only 0.001 BTC qualifies you for a
withdrawal and you can do so as many times as possible. There is also no
charge or commission on withdrawal or deposits made into

Earn Forever

Apart from ensuring longevity of the project, another reason why may
have chosen the moderate interest rate could be because they intend to
keep paying their supporters forever. Having a steady supply of income
gives peace of mind and can change your financial story for the better
in a short while.

Instant Withdrawal

In most cases,
applications for withdrawing funds are processed instantly, meaning you
can have your money in a few minutes after sending a request. Since the
response rate actually depends on the speed of confirmation on the
Bitcoin blockchain, there is no standard time when it is expected that a
particular withdrawal request will scale through. This happens in any
place where Bitcoin is used.

Technical Support Team

support team is known specifically as a technical support team because
they don’t give random answers to questions. They have a solution to any
problem or challenge you may face on the website and will deliver help
within 24 hours. They work round the clock and so can be reached anytime
of the day, including weekends.  The technical support team can also be
contacted via Skype or Telegram chat.


money is collected from people, BTC Consulting Limited has devised
several means to protect their creditors’ funds.  One of such means is
by introducing the SSL Comodo protection to prevent hackers from tampering with the site. The website is hosted on a dedicated server to prevent any dubious activity.

Affiliate Program
also offers an opportunity for investors and well wishers to earn
part-time or full-time as affiliates. Affiliates can earn 5% to 10% of
whatever their referrals deposit. The work is even simple for banners
and links are already provided for would-be affiliates by the
administrators. This could be a wonderful opportunity to increase your
earnings beyond your wildest expectations.

Conclusion is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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