Review – SCAM! Not Paying!

Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

to the penultimate week of March and we wish you a happy new week. Just
before last week came to an end, one HYIP was launched, and many people
were in the dark as to whether to register on it or not. We want to
begin your new week by reviewing this new site and informing you that
the new program is paying. Payment Status: SCAM! Not Paying! is a SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!
is a product of BTC INVEST LTD, a world class company exchanging
cryptocurrencies and trading them too. The company is UK-based and can
been found in Old Broad Street, London. The London-based company has
been around since 2014 even though it was just launched online. The
online platform is only an avenue with which it wants to use to give
chances to interested individuals who would also like to earn in the
cryptocurrency market. The name of the company suggests that it is legal
and the registration number, 8974456, further confirms it.

Overview of
is a website that is quite easy to understand. There are no ads, no
cookies, and the links are functional. The company’s address is shown on
a map on the “contact” page so that interested people can locate it if
they want to do so. connects more
with people on the international scene with the two most widespread
social sites: Facebook and YouTube. The links to the Facebook and
YouTube pages are working just as fine as the other links on the website
and people can like, rate the company and show their disapproval about
it. What this means is that knows
that it must be up and doing for people to remain satisfied with its
services or risk the possibility of having a bad image on these social
sites. Nevertheless, BTC INVEST Ltd must be commended for taking part in
these social sites.

Only a bitcoin wallet is required for
registration. This is understandable since it focuses on the
cryptocurrencies, of which bitcoin appears to be the chief. Members are
given full control over their account so they can seek withdrawal or
terminate their activities whenever they deem fit.
We would like you to note that
already has over 150 users already. There is a total deposit of about 6
BTC, and many clients have already started withdrawing their benefits.
That means that is not a scam site. You will be a part of the people who will soon realize that The London-based company has come to stay. Investment Plans Investment Plans

Why Join today?

Easy Registration

don’t need too much time or any credential to be a co-owner of All members who have active deposits are also
regarded as owners of the company. Usually, such a thing takes time, but
this has been simplified in It will not take up to a
minute to get registered and you can have an account even when you are
not ready to start investing. However, your account will only become
active when you deposit.

Low Deposit Amount and Zero Fees

can fund your account with as little as 0.01 BTC and withdraw your
benefits once you have 0.001 BTC. Deposits and withdrawals have no fees
attached so you may want to do as many as possible within the day.

High and Realizable Interest Rates
is a site with moderate interest rates that can also make one rich
quickly. It operates on three interest rates which are applicable
depending on the plan one chooses. The plans are different, depending on
how much an investor commits into his account. You can have 3% daily
profit if you have between 0.01 to 1 BTC in your account area. As you
can see, having 3% from 0.01 BTC every day is profitable and realizable.
There are many other HYIPs out there that may want to lure you with
higher interest rates but we feel it is safer for you to cling to this
one. However, if you wish to increase your earnings from the site, you
may wish to deposit more. You will have 3.5% daily interest or 4.5% if
you have a little above 1 BTC and 10 BTC respectively.

Lifetime Earnings

will have no need to reinvest again in order to get some benefits. A
one-time deposit is all you need to be a member of
forever. If you ever choose to reinvest, it will be for the sole aim of
increasing your profits and not to renew your membership. Receiving
daily earnings for a lifetime is very profitable and can prolong one’s

Instant Withdrwals

All withdrawal requests
are processed instantly so that the investor can use the money in as
quickly as possible. Only bitcoin is accepted as a payment processor so
you must be ready to have a bitcoin wallet if you would like to enjoy
any of the investment plans. Remember to make no mistake while sending
your bitcoin address and be ready to receive your profits into the same
wallet which you used to make your deposit.

Weekend and Holiday Profits

the profit system is automatic, you should also expect to receive
profits on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. You can also seek withdrawal
outside business hours and still expect instant deposits to your
bitcoin wallet.

Multiple Support Systems

You are
going to find it easy to reach the support team via email or by sending a
ticket. If you would like to send a ticket, you also need an email
address where answers to all the questions you asked will be sent.  The
support team also works 24/7 just like the payment system.

Security of Funds
does not reveal its members’ information to third parties; this is the
part of the law that is binding on them. Furthermore, it uses Comodo SSL
to protect all information on the website. Bitcoin wallets cannot be
changed so as to prevent account theft.

Affiliate Commissions
affiliates have an unlimited chance to earn. Affiliates are grouped
into the regular members and the representatives. Members in any of the
two categories receive benefits on a three-tier level. The first level
earns the highest while the second level earns more than the third. You
should note here that earning as a tier 1 affiliate does not deprive you
of the benefit to earn on the other levels if your invitees are working
hard to register others. That is why there is no limit to the amount of
money you can earn as an affiliate. The profit systems are 3-1-1% for
the regular members and 7-2-1% for the representatives. To start earning
as an affiliate, simply copy the referral link given to you on your
dashboard. You don’t need to deposit anything before you can earn as a affiliate.

Conclusion is a SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest



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