Review – SCAM! Do Not Invest!

Is a scam? Interested
investors and others who are looking for a profitable investment should
read this review to know how important the site is to their financial
success. is an investment site that focuses on
cryptocurrency mining. Interested bitcoin miners can now share the
hardware of this reputable firm to expand their opportunities. If you
have once had the intention to own a mining firm, the birth of should put an end to that since all you now have to do is to deposit some money to earn 1.34% daily. Payment Status: PROBLEM 🙁 has problems in payout. Most members were not paid. Do Not Invest!


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company has six different mining rigs which are located in London,
Barcelona, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, and New York. The Dubai mining center
is still under construction, but its delay is due to the fact that more
currencies are likely going to be mined there. Each of these rigs are
equipped with sophisticated cooling machines to guarantee steady
operations and maintain an uptime of 99.9%. The largest mining rigs
presently are in NewYork and Moscow.
Nobody chooses a mining rig
at the point of registration. It is the duty of the admin team to
collect your data and channel it to the place where more funds are
needed for higher profits. No matter where your credentials go to, you
will still receive the same benefits as others whose particulars are
sent to a different location. can already boast
of more than 23 100 investors who have received 556 BTC since
operations began. If you join today, you too will become an owner of an
international mining company that guarantees daily payouts. Investment Plans Investment Plans

Overview of has
an attractive layout which makes anyone who visits the site to want to
remain there. The site is quite informative, giving every visitor a hint
on what to expect after registration. The color mix in the design is
fantastic, the website is simple, and the links open quickly, even in
places with limited internet connection. Phones and laptops are usable
devices for
Every registered member on the platform is eligible for  a
profit of 0.004611 BTC for every 1 MH/s purchased. There is no form of
segregation among the members and every investor is treated equally.

Why Choose

Just as all animals are not equal, there are certain benefits that only miners at stand to benefit. They are listed below:

Lifetime Contract

Investors at need
not think about the date they opened an account or registered a plan
because there is no expiration or maturity date for all deposits as long
as some funds  are left in the account. This is what most retirees and
students should look up to as an alternative to their main source of

Instant Daily Payments

Now you can solve
your daily needs as they arise. No need to send a special withdrawal
request  to receive the benefits gotten from the mining activities from
the previous day. Money is paid into your Bitcoin wallet and can be
reused for another investment or withdrawn for business or other
personal needs.

Your Account is Safe

It is difficult to break through the kind of security that one can see in Account
owners can feel safe about their money because of the encryption
service that Comodo provides. Sitelock’s daily scanning makes the
website free from malware and ensures that any malware or potential
threat is immediately discovered and destroyed. This is what makes fast in browsing. Apart from these, you are also confident with Cloudflare’s DDoS protection and Norton Antivirus protection.

High Profit Potential

profits are possible on all four investment plans. The plans are named
as follows: Baby Plan, Business plan, Ultimate Plan and the Enterprise
plan. Mining powers are bought in KH/s and the more one buys, the
greater the discount is. That is why those who buy 1000 KH/s will buy
cheaper at $0.03 for every KH/s. More discounts apply as one buys more
of it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

investors will get their money back if they wish to discontinue on the
platform. Refunds are payable only between the first and the third
months though. This means that any investor who was probably misinformed
by an agent can seek a refund and get it back.


ready to receive a bonus of 10% extra mining power for purchasing
1000KH/s or more. This is just a New Year bonus and would likely end
soon so hurry to take advantage of it.

Referral Bonus has
a referral bonus of 10% per friend’s deposit. If you work hard on it,
you will soon see yourself planning on how to buy a new car with the
proceeds from

Consistent and Fast Support Team

The support team at is
available 24 hours a day, and 365 days of the year. It appears there is
no break for the customer representatives, but the thing is that they
are quite large in number and so they work in shifts. This is why it is
possible to contact them anytime and still expect feedback in a short

Conclusion has problems in payout. Most members were not paid. Do Not Invest!

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