Fake Auto Trader Scam Exposed – Fast Million Review

Fake Auto Trader Scam Exposed - Fast Million ReviewBefore you lose any more money to another auto trading robot
scam, please read our Fast Million Review where we have exposed the
auto trading Sigma Pro scam. If you invest with this sick robot
software, you’ll swiftly lose your entire $250 deposit as well as any
other money you chose to deposit!

Perhaps you have already lost
money with the Fast Million scam! If so, please contact us and we can
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Fast Million Review

Million is a binary options scam that claims to offer an auto trading
software called Sigma Pro. The owner doesn’t introduce himself at first,
and that’s because he’s probably a rich affiliate marketer from Flordia
or California who doesn’t want his real name becoming public. Whoever
he is, he spent a few bucks making a ridiculous sales video where he
attempts to convince us that it’s possible to make a “fast million”
trading binary options.

The sales video features a voice actor who
reads from as script about how he almost lost his family and health due
to not having enough money. He goes on to say that he was lucky enough
to find this amazing auto trading software and became a millionaire
overnight. If this sounds dubious, trust your instincts because this is a
load of crap!

So let’s take a look at his claims and see how they
line up with reality! Before you invest with any binary options or
forex broker, make sure you contact us for advice. We have been helping
people for over five years to find the best broker for their needs. We
also advise to never invest more money than you can afford to lose.
Binary options and forex trading can be highly lucrative but only if you
play it safe and chose wisely!Sigma Pro Review

what exactly is the Sigma Pro scam software? Firstly, we want to make
it VERY clear. We do NOT support any auto trading software. If you were
hoping to come to our review and find the golden software that will make
you a millionaire over night, we have some bad news for you.
trading robot software are NOT the answer to becoming a fast
millionaire. Trading with binary options and forex requires a sound mind
and a skilled trader who knows how to read the markets. A software auto
bot can’t predict the future and can’t trade with your goals in mind.
Trading needs a human. It just does.

In all our years reviewing
and working with auto traders, we have NEVER seen one that works long
term or lives up to the hype. What we have seen are hundreds of scam
software traders that promise millions and never deliver.

Sigma Pro software is nothing but an auto trader that connects you with an
unregulated broker that will make you win and lose a few trades until
they take you on one final losing streak ride where your money will
disappear.Please note. There is NO evidence that the Sigma Pro
software works. The site does not give any verifiable evidence and we
have not found a single person that actually made money using this piece
of garbage.

Signs of Scam

It didn’t take
us very long to start uncovering the signs of a binary options scam.
Below are the top THREE signs that Fast Million scam is out to deceive

1. There are only TWO spots left.

four minutes of entering the Fast Million scam site, we were told there
were only two spots left. This is a form of manipulation that makes you
feel that you have to hurry and sign up before you lose your spot. This
is all a sham. The broker will accept anyone who signs up, there is NO

Verdict: False!

The scam artists
behind Fast Million fraud are hoping you will feel desperate enough to
sign up before losing your spot. This is a tactic in marketing described
as creating a sale through panic. Don’t be fooled! No matter what time
of day or night you enter the website, it will always tell you there are
only TWO spots left. This is a website plugin and will still be there
weeks from now.

2. Fast Million was featured on CNN, USATODAY, Forbes, BBC.

not hard to miss the claim at the top of the site that wants you to
believe Fast Million scam was featured in the news. Let’s make it clear.
CNN, USA TODAY, Forbes, and BBC have never heard of Fast Million auto
trading scam and they won’t report on it. Why? Because this stupid Sigma
Pro scam does NOT work and never had. It’s not news!

Verdict: False!We
searched these news sites for evidence that Fast Million was featured
there and came up with a big fat zero. Another lie, another scam busted!

3. Free training course!

Millions offers a free training course for new binary options traders.
We signed up to see what was inside this course and NEVER received it.
We checked our spam folders and even emailed support for them to send us
another copy, but they never responded.

Verdict: False!

be honest here. Fast Million doesn’t have a free training course. They
made this lie up to make their Sigma Pro software scam seem more
appealing. Why would you need a training course to have a robot trade
for you in the first place? None of this makes sense.

Customer Reviews
might have seen the videos that show three regular day traders claiming
to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off the Sigma Pro
software. We did a bit of digging and quickly determined that all three
of these videos were actors hired on the site Fiverr.

Is Fast Million a Scam?

If you made it this far through our
review, you’ll know that Fast Million is a scam and the Sigma Pro is a
scam as well. Don’t waste your hard earned money!

Please contact
us if you need any investment advice or help to claim your money back
from a shady broker. We want to help you! Also, if you need advice about
any investment site, please ask!
Stay safe online and as always…

Source: ScamAdvice


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