Football Pay U Review By Steve Davidson Winningmore

Football Pay U Review By Steve Davidson Winningmore

Football Pay U is a newly launched product from Steve Davidson of Winningmore. It supposedly shows you how to successfully trade football bets on Betfair.

Introduction to Football Pay U

It has been a while since I have looked in at Steve Davidson and with a new product launch in the shape of Football Pay U, I was keen to see I anything has changed and well… On the surface of things, the answer is a no, unfortunately. This includes a dry sales video which is far too long. This also includes a card trick and a bad analogy.

You can’t know how the card trick that Steve Davidson performs is done until you have been shown, likewise, you cannot know how to trade football bets until you have been shown. Rather sadly for Steve Davidson, I saw instantly that he had changed the cards entirely, so yes… I rather rained on the proverbial parade. Fortunately, I do believe in the latter part of the argument and that is exactly why I want to take an in depth look at Football Pay U.

What Does Football Pay U Offer?

At its core, Football Pay U is a training guide which will show users how to trade football markets on Betfair for profit. Does it succeed in this mission? I find this to be a bit of a double edged question in some regards.

This is because there are two main questions to be asked. The first is whether or not the product as a whole is any good. I have seen some very interesting systems fall apart simply because you cannot make head nor tail of them. The second thing is whether or not the system is any good, because in contrast. I have seen some marvellously put together products which have been let down by the system.

With this all in mind, I want to talk a little bit about how Football Pay U is presented. Winningmore have always put out their products in a rather unique format. This only allows you to open the manual on a Windows PC and it cannot be printed. Honestly, this makes using it casually a bit of a nightmare to say the least. With that having been said, I also think that it is worth highlighting the fact that the content is well presented and the methods explained concisely.

So what about the system contained within? This is without a shadow of a doubt the single most important element of Football Pay U. Steve Davidson has compiled 4 different football trading methods each of which explores a different angle. I will cover these in more detail below. There are still things to consider however. First and foremost, you will need an account through Betfair in order to actually utilise Football Pay U.

I suppose that in theory, you could use other betting exchanges, but Steve Davidson recommends Betfair and so would I. This is mostly down to the fact that when you are trading, liquidity is very important.

In order to help ease you into things, Football Pay U also comes with a month of access to Daily Football Stats, a piece of web based software which helps you to find matches.

How Does Football Pay U Work?

As I have touched upon before now, Football Pay U comes with four different trading strategies. I don’t believe that it is fair to go into detail on what these entail, not least of which is down to the fact that it isn’t fair on product creators to publish their systems. What I can say is that each of the methods that Football Pay U employs are all pretty straightforward. Each of them is rather different to the other and honestly, doFootball Pay U Reviewes require some work to implement. Football Pay U is not a quick fix product however this is not a bad thing.

What is the Initial Investment?

Products from Winningmore are rarely cheap, however I do believe that they are generally fairly priced. In the case of Football Pay U, the manual is priced at £69.97 which appears to be a lifetime license. At the time of writing however, there is an “early bird special” which allows you to get £20 off the price. This is however a limited time offer which is supposedly only offered to the first 50 people.

Another thing that is common when it comes to Winningmore is the fact that there is no money back guarantee in place. Steve Davidson says that he does not offer a tangible product and as such, there is nothing to offer a refund on.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining figure for Football Pay U is that you can make an additional £100 per week through trading. Now I am quite aware that this doesn’t sound like a lot in and of itself however there are a few things to consider. Steve Davidson says that this is “very low” and that you “can do much better than that”. He then talks about people living in some areas of Asia where you can live for £800 per month.

This suggests to me that this is very much an attainable figure. With the right start up capital, I believe that these figures are within the realm of possibility.

Conclusion on Football Pay U

There are some fundamentally decent underpinnings to Football Pay U and that is by no means a bad thing. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that the systems that are included will definitely provide subscribers with an edge. The results that Steve Davidson claims are well within the realms of possibility however you will generally have to provide stakes that some punters will not be comfortable staking in order to attain these results. These are all strong positives, as is the value for money.

I can’t think of anywhere these days where you can get a reputable betting strategy for less than £30 so to have four of them lumped together at a cost of £50 represents fantastic value. Even at the higher cost, I think that it is fair to say that there is still value to be had. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Football Pay U is without criticism.

First things first, there is the god awful way that you have to access products from Winningmore.

I understand why Steve Davidson does it. He has to have an asset to protect, however I believe that the lengths that he goes to to prevent piracy interfere with how most people will want to read Football Pay U. That is to say, printed in a book form or more realistically, on their phone.

We take them everywhere with us and having 10 minutes to kill is ample to digest a new betting system. Furthermore, you can easily refer to it on the fly, as you are trading. The other thing that I want to highlight is that whilst Steve Davidson paints Football Pay U as being a complete cinch to use, it takes more work than is implied. It is still not difficult, but you should come into Football Pay U expecting to put some serious effort into it.


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