[Get] Binary Options Holy Grail System


[Get] Binary Options Holy Grail System

In fact you do not need to know much of trading in order to trade successfully. All you need is to understand what things are worth of learning. The strategy is based on basic but sound principles of market behavior. And believe me this will be more than enough to make money with binary options.

I assume you already know what binary options are. If not please find some time to google it. This tutorial is going to teach you basic things of Forex trading. There is much free information on this topic on the internet. And if you need something to know simply google it.

In this guide we are going to concentrate on my strategy implementation. That’s it. But do not worry, it is easy and does not require extensive knowledge of Forex or binary options trading. Ok, are you ready to start? Let’s go!



Rule 1
We wait for a yellow dot and sound alarm signal. Once we have one we look at our HolyChannel indicator. 

Rule 2
First of all I want to say some things about expiration time. I tried different expiry terms and found that the best expiry time was 30 minutes. Also I found that the best time to trade is European session and first three hours of the US session. We trade during these times because the market is moving fast and it is what we need. I highly recommend you trading EURUSD only! This pair provides the most accurate signals.

If your broker does not offer 30 minutes expiry please choose the one close to it. But I do not recommend to trade if the expiry time is less than 25 minutes. It is better to trade 40 or 50 minutes than 25 or less. So the best time is 30 minutes. But you can also trade if the expiry is from 25 minutes up to 60 minutes maximum. So this is all about time.

When you see a yellow dot, the price should be in red zone. If the price is not in the red zone – do not trade! Also do not trade if the price is in the red but you do not have a yellow dot.

If the price is in the red and we have the yellow dot, we wait for the current candle to close and then buy a PUT or CALL option with 30 minutes expiry right at the open of the next candle (use our HolyCandleTime indicator to know how much time is left before the candle closure).

Please note! When the market is moving very fast there may be situations when you may easily get a second yellow dot right at the beginning of the entry candle. What should you do in this case? If you already entered the trade so you do not need to do anything. But if you did not, please wait for that current candle to close and enter the beginning of the new candle.

Rule 3
Remember you should always wait for the signal candle to close (the one with the yellow dot and in the red zone) because there may be situations when the price continues going deeper in red or even outside into the black area. That’s why our chances to get a good signal are much higher if we wait for the current…Download the entirely system and tools clicking the link below:


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