Henry Rix Bets Review

Henry Rix Bets Review

Rix Bets is the current website of well known horse racing tipster Henry Rix. He claims to offer returns on investment that surpass a large number of traditional investment opportunities.

Introduction to Henry Rix Bets

Henry Rix really knows how to sell himself. From the days of advertising relentlessly in the racing post to describing himself now as “arguably Britain’s best known and most brilliant tipster”. There is no denying that the man is a tour de force when it comes to horse racing and honestly, I am surprised I haven’t sat down to look at his services before now.

For the purposes of this review, I want to look at the entire Rix Bets website as a whole as there are only three services available. With a lot of ground to cover, let’s take the time to look at what Henry Rix is offering and whether or not it is any good.

What Does Rix Bets Offer?

Given that there are three different services behind Rix Bets, I want to talk a little about these. The core service is Henry Rix Racing Main Line. This is the product that has been operational for the last 22 years and is very clearly the bread and butter of Rix Bets. This is a highly selective horse racing tipster service with just 2 or 3 bets provide each week.

These are sent out directly via SMS and are also uploaded to a member’s area on the Rix Bets website. There is also Inside Extra which puts more of a focus on big events. Again, Henry Rix Racing issue bets directly via SMS and the member’s area. Finally, there is the Inner Circle. This aspect of Rix Bets provides just one or two bets per month and is based around “big profits from high strike rate selective betting”.

It is generally recommended that whichever service you are signed up for that you are staking £200 per point. The majority of bets are advised at anywhere from 1-5 points per bet. Henry Rix does say however that the average figure is around 2 points per bet. Whilst my initial reaction to this was a slightly audible wince, the selective nature of Rix Bets does mean that you will generally be betting no more than around 15-20 points per month.

One of the things that is somewhat frustrating about Rix Bets is that there is no properly published proofing. Now Henry Rix says that all bets and profits have been monitored by the Racing Post over the last 22 years. I wouldn’t dispute that this has happened and Rix Bets is one of the few services that I have looked at where the integrity of the claims isn’t a problem. None the less, when researching the service, there have been a few mentions of losing streaks.

Given the very long game that Henry Rix plays, this is ultimately swings and roundabouts in the grand scheme of things. When you are paying what Rix Bets costs though, I do feel that it is reasonable to have some insight into things like strike rates. Especially as just 4 losing bets on the bounce at average stakes means losing £1,600.

How Does Rix Bets Work?

Henry Rix has been in the horse racing game for longer than some people I know have been alive. That is a pretty impressive statement in and of itself and the length of time that Rix Bets has been about almost leads me to say that the inner workings aren’t necessarily the most important thing. What actually stands out to me however is that in spite of this, we are given quite a lot of information.

The main line service is based around straight forward statistical analysis with Henry Rix saying that this has been improved recently which should have “extremely positive effect on future profits”. Inside Extra is based around a combination of “strong information from our wide range of shrewd contacts and rock solid form analysis”. Meanwhile, the Inner Circle aspect of Rix Bets is based entirely around inside information.

What is the Initial Investment?

Rix Bets is categorically not cheap. I know that I say this a lot but to put Rix Bets into context, the best value option will still cost you just shy of £125 per month. In order to subscribe to Main Line (the core service of Rix Bets) there are three options. The first of these is a 3 monthly option at £599. The next is a 6 monthly option which is priced at whopping £999.

Finally, you can sign up for 12 months for £1,499. It is worth noting that all of these options come with a “Pay As You Win” option. This means paying half of the fee upfront and paying the other half when you have made 40 points of profit. This does make Rix Bets more affordable but is still very expensive.

Meanwhile, the Inner Circle is charged at £699 for 6 months and £999 for 12 months. This doesn’t come with any sort of pay as you win option however.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main selling point for Rix Bets is that you would have made over half a million pounds in profit over 22 years (more specifically, £579,144). This is a lot of money and there is no getting around it. I also have no reason to doubt the numbers. I do feel that I should point out however that these numbers are based off £200 stakes. This means that the points profit over 22 years stands at 2,895.72 points. This does however work out at around 131 points per year or just 11 points per month. These numbers are slightly less impressive sounding.

Conclusion on Henry Rix Bets

I think that it is quite fair to say that Henry Rix is the real deal. You don’t keep your hat in the tipster arena for 22 years without knowing your stuff. I also don’t think that any of the results can really be questioned, even if it is somewhat disappointing not having access to a back catalogue. But que sera. The fact of the matter for me is this. Henry Rix Bets Review

I don’t doubt that had you followed Rix Bets for all this time, and started with a betting bank of £20,000, that you would be a wealthy man (OK, well I do doubt it, it’s the cynic in me…). With that having been said, there are numerous other factors to consider.

First things first, I want to address the pricing. Rix Bets is one of the most expensive tipster services that I have ever cast my eyes upon. It’s not even like you’re getting a lot for your money either in many respects. £200 per month for 8-12 bets?

Put that frankly, it seems an awful lot to pay right? Especially when you factor in that there doesn’t appear to be anything particularly amazing in terms of strike rate etc.

My big thing with Rix Bets however is that when you place it in the wider climate and compare it to some of the systems out there, it just doesn’t look as appealing. Betfan’s best performing service of all time is Lucky 7 Naps with 7728 points of profit.

Use £200 per point stakes there and you are looking at £1.5 million in profit less than 5 years (why don’t we all do it…..?).

This year to date alone, the service would have made you over £100,000 using £200 stakes. More importantly than this, it delivers all of this at a cost per quarter that is significantly less than Rix Bets would cost you for the month.

With this in mind, whilst I don’t think that Rix Bets is necessarily a bad system, it is simply far too expensive to be competitive.

Once upon a time, tipster services were advertised in the back of the Racing Post, they were more expensive and they operated differently. The world has moved on however and the market is constantly growing. In fact, as a punter, in many ways I don’t think that there has been a better time to be betting. In this world, Rix Bets just seems a little old fashioned for my taste and it does so at a premium that I don’t feel the service warrants.


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