How To Verify Your Remitano Account To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

How to verify your remitano account

In a bid to regulate and monitor the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, most countries requires KYC from exchange sites. Remitano is operating in Nigeria hence they also have the KYC policy. The KYC policy helps Remitano Account to be verified.

The KYC policy also enables Remitano to know their customers. This helps them to keep track of each Remitano Account. As at the time of writing this article, without performing the KYC process you can’t buy or sell bitcoin in Remitano.

To be eligible to buying or selling bitcoin in Remitano, you need to verify your account. This article is going to take you through the step by step procedure on how to accomplish this. It’s simple and quick, so lets get started already.

What Is KYC

KYC simply means Know Your Customer. It is a policy that enables trading and exchange platforms to know who their customer is. The KYC requires some documents to be submitted and reviewed by the trading or exchange platform.

The submitted documents are kept private by the trading or exchange platforms. It is meant for the verification of your online trading or exchange account only. It is also required by most countries that these sites do a KYC for their customers.

Why KYC Is Important

The following reasons are why KYC is important before you can start trading in these platforms.

  1. Protects you against fraud activities as your account will be closely monitored.
  2. It increases the level of trust the trading and exchange platform have in your profile.
  3. KYC shows that you have nothing to hide and that you can be trusted.
  4. Performing the KYC process allows you to have access to all features of trading and exchange platforms.
  5. Makes it easy for other traders and sellers to relate and do business with you.


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How To Verify Your Remitano Account

First Log into or Create Your Free Account With Remitano, then from the Menu, select SETTINGS. Your account settings will come up, just select PROFILE and your full PROFILE will be displayed. Your Username and email address will be your only PROFILE to display.

Your name will be empty and you won’t have a phone number. To begin, you need to add your phone number, then you need to upload a valid national document to verify your account. below are pictures to help you with the steps above.

The first step is select SETTINGS from the MENU options. from the SETTINGS you’ll see other related links. For now your PROFILE link is what we need. See picture below

Remitano Account

Next is for you to click on PROFILE and Add your full name. The PROFILE is yours to customize. But note that details you will provide here should be same with the documents you plan to use in verifying your account. See picture below

Remitano Account

Then you will need to add your phone number. Click “ADD PHONE NUMBER” and type your phone number then click “CONTINUE“. See picture below

Remitano Account

Finally, you need to upload a valid government issued ID card, Voters card, National ID card, International passport, Drivers License or even your Work ID card. Please note that the name you type in step 2 above must be the one in the ID card you want to upload else your account won’t be verified.

Remitano Account

Please note that to verify your Remitano Account they might require you to take more pictures of your documents. Just follow the instruction on the Remitano Website and your Remitano Account will be verified with ease.

Now you are all set to buy and sell bitcoin in Remitano. If you have any problem using the Remitano website, please send us a message using the CONTACT US PAGE or using the comment box below.

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