Review – SCAM! Not Paying!

Is a
scam? You may have heard a lot about this project and you are probably
wondering what it presents. This review is aimed at simplifying the
aims, objectives and how you too can be a beneficiary of this laudable
scheme. Relax and take your time from the first paragraph of this review
till the last full stop.
In case you don’t know, is not a HYIP. Yes, you heard it right. is
simply a donation system or you can put it simply as a givers forum. It
works like some other donation platforms but with some modifications we
shall also highlight here. Payment Status: SCAM! Not Paying is now a SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest! does
not have a central purse so it does not function as an HYIP at all.
Instead, the site admin provides and enables the modalities for members
to help one another. will be officially
launched on February 15, 2017, which is the day after Valentine’s Day.
It will be an opportunity for you to tell a friend how much you love him
or her. Investment Plan Investment Plans

Overview of
is simple and unsophisticated, making it easy for anyone to provide
help without much technical hassle.  The registration process is simple
and fast, requiring only your personal data and your account details
where another member will send you money in form of help.
receive help or partake in the 55% bonus, any interested person is first
expected to provide help. The amount to provide as help is not
dependent on the company at all. You have the choice to make whether to
give up to a certain amount or not. This is where is different from other popular donation sites
which stipulate a particular amount to be donated. There are a handful
of benefits for joining Below are some of the most glaring ones.

High Profit Potential

the website displays the fact that donations will be returned with an
extra 50% in not more than 14 days after you have provided help. The
extra 5% which you can get comes when a call to help is responded to
within 5 hours. Hence, with something like $50, you will be getting a
total of $77.50 in 14 days. If you are unable to offer help within 5
hours during your turn, then you should expect to have $75 for every $50
you give. The extra 5% which is obtainable for prompt intervention is
known as speed bonus.

Instant Approval

Bitcoin is the currency used on the platform, approval can only take a
few minutes. This is because helpers only need to copy and paste the
hash id unto the system to confirm that help has been provided. The
moment your help is recorded, you will also be queued for payment which
you should expect in 14 days.

Communication has
some social networking accounts where interested followers can get news
update consistently. The site is on Google Plus, Facebook, and more
will be added after its launch on February 15 2017. Existing and
potential members can send inquiries to the support team by opening a
ticket on the ‘’contact’’ page.  You can also improve your acquaintance
with the organizers of the program by joining them on whatsapp. The link
to the official whatsapp group can be gotten by opening the ‘’news’’
link of the website. is also on Google Plus and Facebook.

Long-term Vision has
laid some modalities that would make sure that the program lasts long.
It is expected that anybody who is withdrawing benefits from the one
already one account must send another help before he or she can make a
withdrawal. According to the site administrators, this should help to
prevent a situation where there would be more hit and run donors who
intend never to return to the site. All outstanding deposits are paid
with interest after the stipulated time of 14 days.

Referral Bonus

referral bonus of the site is 5%. If you have a good social networking
account or a profile that attracts the world to your page, it is obvious
that you can earn a six-figure income before the end of a year.

Conclusion is now a SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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