Review – SCAM! Not Paying!!!

Is a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.
has been quite a while since we talked about some genuine lotteries
that can make one instantly rich and at the same limit one’s chances of
losing entirely. From what we have seen so far,
has been paying promptly since its inception. However, we would like
you to go through the review so that you can have a more detailed
description about it and compare it more effectively with the other
options you may have. Payment Status: SCAM! Not Paying! Review
  • Trust is a SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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is an international lottery company situated at Macau. The company
organizes both weekly and instant draws for people to win cool prizes,
and an opportunity to win guaranteed profits by purchasing investment
tickets.  Its operations are legitimate owing to the fact that they are
linked to that of the Asia Pacific Lottery Associations. Besides, it is
registered with the number, 9876543210.  One more thing, the site is
strictly for those who are 18 years and above. Minors are prohibited
from partaking in gambling activities.

Overview of Macao-lotto
has a well designed website that makes it easy to detect that the
company is in for serious business and ready to last for a long time.
You can find links that open quickly to the contact page, FAQ page,
press center, testimonials, lottery rules and many other important
details.  The good thing is that the site is compatible on all devices
that support browsing on the Internet. You can therefore use a MAC,
iPhone or Android device if there is no laptop at your disposal.
may also find the video uploaded very interesting as it serves as a
quick review of the site. To begin a game, simply click the lottery
link, read the rules and follow the link that says “begin game.”
There are several benefits one can see about We shall try to reveal a handful of them for you so that you make a proper evaluation.

Multiple Payment Processors Accepted

can pay for an investment ticket or lottery ticket with a credit card
on through online payment processors such as Bitcoin, Payeer, Advcash
and Perfect Money. Interested participants should note that making a
payment with any of the accepted methods automatically implies that the
accrued benefits will be collected through the same account that was
used in funding the investment or purchasing the ticket.

Instant Profitable Lotteries

is an equal chance for anyone to earn up to $150 in the instant raffle
draw. Prizes for the instant lottery are $1, $2 and $5. Each one
determines the amount of money you may win, but the method of playing is
basically the same. The only thing is that if you win after purchasing a
ticket for $5, you will be paid $150, while someone who wins with a $1
ticket will gain only $20. To win, you would have to locate three hidden
stars in different fields from sixteen concealed blocks. It may be
quite difficult but you can stake only $1 for it or $5 if you don’t

Weekly Lotteries

This is where most people
would like to spend their money because there are more chances of
winning something here. The draw takes place on Sundays, by 6PM Macao
Time. The price of the ticket is only $0.99 and with this, you can win
$3, $100, $1000, $5000 and $10 000, depending on how many of your
numbers match the picked ones during the draw. The amounts are
guaranteed if two, three, four, five or six of your numbers match during
the draw. You are going to pick six numbers out of 45 out of which at
least two must match to emerge as a winner. In any case where someone
four numbers that match and out of that same four three or two of them
also match, the person will be paid $1000 instead of $3 or $100. Hence,
it is the highest number of matches that is considered during payment.
is also a “pick four” game in which a participant has to choose one
number from each column with ten entries, 0-9. There are four columns
altogether, and the numbers must match sequentially in this case. If all
the four numbers you pick matches sequentially with the number gotten
during the draw, the owner of the number gets $2000. Three sequentially
matching numbers attracts a prize of $200, while two numbers matching
sequentially will attract a prize of $20. If you succeed in getting just
one number right, your prize will be $4.  This particular game is drawn
on Wednesdays by 6PM Macau Time.
To increase your chances of
winning, you may want to spend an extra amount on the ticket prize by
playing the “fireball” option where you have a chance to pick an
additional number in each field. This means you would have two numbers
from each field instead of one. The ordinary one costs $1.99 while the
fireball option costs $2.99.
You can watch the draw live on the website as the time approaches. The site displays the hours remaining for the next draw.

Investment Tickets

you are scared of losing in a lottery, you may choose to buy a ticket
for guaranteed profits for the next two years. Tickets are bought from
$1 and there is no maximum amount; you can spend as much as you would
want to and the more you do so, the higher your dividends would be.  In
the first 50 days, you will receive interest between 2% and 6% of the
ticket prize. For example, if you purchased a ticket of $10 and you
clicked a hidden block that showed a 6% profit, it means that you will
get $0.60 24 hours later. It is necessary that you click the blocks that
would be sent to you every 24 hours for the next day’s profits or you
may forfeit payments for the following day. If you click a block with
0%, it means you will not be scheduled for a payment for that period.
However, you may be luckier the next time you repeat the process.
are paid for as long as two years but after the first 50 days, the
interest rate reduces and there will be one more chance of getting 0%
when you click a block of six entries. In any case, you will likely
double your investment before the expiration of the interest period.


are those who invite people to take part in the lottery or to purchase
an investment ticket. Partners are paid a fixed amount depending on the
activity the invitee does and how much he or she spends. You can find
details about it on the “lottery” section of the website.


can reach the customer representatives by sending a ticket, making a
phone call or sending an email. The support system works quite fast.

Conclusion is a SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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