Make £50 Every Day!

Make £50 Every Day!

When you consider the current economic climate, the prospect of generating regular gains is obviously attractive, and therefore when somebody offers to show you exactly how they do this, and have used Betfair to make profits for well over 9 years, making at least £50 per day, you obviously have to sit up, listen, and take notice.

How Did This Betfair Method Come About?

Back in 2007 there was quite a commotion on eBay regarding a particular information product that was being sold by a man called Pete. You see, his information product was receiving rave reviews by those that purchased it – Via his feedback.

Although, even since then, and after we managed to persuade Peter to allow us to promote his method again, members are already making good gains with this method. Here is just one very happy customer to have reported back to us since followed the steps outlined:

Make £50 Every Day!

Anyway, back to how this all came about. Now, Naturally when people see and hear about somebody who is having success of any kind, it generates interest, and this product really did create a lot of interest at the time – because it worked. A product was put together on how people could replicate Peter’s success, and he taught them how to follow the steps he had devised.

What Happened to Cause The Commotion?

People started making some really good money using the methods, so much so that Peter stopped selling the information because he was constantly getting snide remarks from jealous sellers who tried to steal his information – but it had a copyright.

In general on eBay, when other sellers see they cannot have a piece of the pie, they will sometimes steal it, and that together with the hassle Peter was getting, he decided to pull back from eBay, and just concentrate on his own profits. It was a shame, as many people were benefiting.

That Makes Sense – Why So Successful?

What Pete has created, over a period of 9 years is a methodology that takes advantage of people’s failure to stand alone with decisions, and use their own initiative. He basically makes the money from people’s mistakes, and if you know anything about betting, then you will know that 99% of people who place bets lose their money by making silly mistakes.

Pete realised that Betfair was VERY different from traditional bookmakers, and that an advantage was there to be had, and the main reason, as mentioned above, was that with Betfair you are trading against other traders – with most of them not having a clue what they are doing, and backed with historical data analysis the advantage Pete found was very real.

And This Will Work For Me, Too?

Yes, the methods that are used have consistently made profits for well over 9 years, meaning that if you are seriously interested in something that has stood the test of time, and has been proven to make regular profits from Betfair, this is definitely something you will want to take a look at. The problem with most people who follow systems, is that they were not purchased from the originator – somebody who tested for many months, and now makes his living from the very information you are about to use.

Realistically, What Profits Are People Making?

A member made the following testimonial post just today on a similar website:

Make £50 Every Day!And here is another received a few days ago:

Make £50 Every Day!As you can see, real people are using this information to make real gains.  For years people have tried to make money from Betfair, but only those dedicated actually do, because nobody was willing to actually teach them how they do it. Now, Peter, for the first time in 6 years has decided to offer his methods for a limited time.

I am Very Interested in This, Any Experience Needed?

Well, in a moment, we will show you what Pete has to say about it, but Betfair is quite a simple site to use, once you understand the basics. We have also read the method, and it is about as easy to implement as you can get, around 20 pages long, and you can start immediately.

Remember, that the methods that Pete teaches, have put food on his table for over 9 years. They work, and more importantly, it is how he makes his money. It is not that often that somebody comes along and shows you how to make money the very same way that feeds, and clothes their own family.

Video Tutorials Included in Pete’s Betfair Method

Also included in the package are video tutorials, where we (ourselves being professional traders) show you EXACTLY how we make profits using Pete’s Betfair Methods, and how you can copy exactly what we do.

We show you how to set everything up, and how we have made some great profits with these methods ourselves.  Also, if you require any support, then you can send us an email directly, and we can advise on anything you need to know. In fact, if you read some of the emails below, you can see that our customer support is very well spoken about.

A Short Video of Us Making £75.96 In Under 2 Minutes!

Many members have asked us if they can see a video of the profits being made, so today we made a quick video of a LIVE trade using Betangel software, which is not essential, as you can just use Betfair directly, but the video shows where we made £75.96 in under 2 minutes, the video can be seen here:

 Have You Tested the Method?

We test all the products we offer to our members, that goes without saying. There has also been other verified testing that the method produced a profit of over £1,300 over a period of 30 days. Our most recent testing produced the following results:

Saturday 7th February:

3 wins out of 5 races:

£83.04 Won
£36.20 won
£61.91 won

Monday 9th February:

3 wins out of 4 races:

£45.91 won
£98.18 won
£63.87 won

Monday 16th February:

2 wins from 3 trades.

Profit inside the 40 minutes we were trading: £143.91

And These Methods Still Working?

Yes, just recently we received two emails from recent users with the following content, and as you can see they are extremely happy with their results 🙂

Make £50 Every Day!


As mentioned, we receive testimonials for this particular method on a daily basis, from a variety of different people, and last week one particular user of Pete’s Betfair methods cut & pasted his Profit and Loss for the current month directly from his Betfair account and sent it to us in the following email, which shown for the period of exactly one month, a profit of £6348.56 was made.

We have had to blur some of the text in the email due to Gary giving away some of the method detail:

One Customer made £6348.56 Profit in one month:


 Make £50 Every Day!

Make £50 Every Day!