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Is a scam site? We found out that there was much talk about
lately so we thought it wise to start our investigation about it. There
were a few outstanding facts about Mexeer we found out and we think we
should also share them with you.  The bottom line however is that works quite differently from many other online HYIPs.

So What is Mexeer?
tries to give a description of itself in its mission and purpose
statements. Their Mission statement is quite interesting, “to combine
the main electronically monetary directions on a single, easy in use,
anonymous and safe platform”, which is the reason why they have
developed a system which looks like an e-currency wallet that is quite
similar to bitcoin. Payment Status: NOT PAYING is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!
combines both trading and exchanging together. We shall come back to
this point later on. But for now, be aware that the company is fully
registered and recognized as Mexeer Inc Limited and located at 16 St
Martin’s Le Grand, London, ECIA-4EN. The London based company caters for
its countrymen as well as others from other parts of the world.

Overview of

The design of is dominated with the blue color. As the blue color signifies love, might
have chosen this to show that they are really in love with their
business and can possibly do anything to make it last long. Like we said
earlier, combines a lot of features to make it an outstanding program. We shall now attempt to discuss more details about it here.
The first thing you may want to know about is
what makes it an HYIP. Mexeer’s HYIP plan borders much on
cryptocurrency exchange. The company makes money and has a fixed rate
for paying all its investors.  Members can also earn by working as
affiliates or representatives in their areas to earn more money.

Representatives even have better chances of getting noticed because
Mexeer posts their pictures and contact details on the site. The
packages for representatives are quite much because their work entails
moving Mexeer to the next level and at a faster pace than what other
partners do. To become a representative, you have to send a request and
possibly try to convince the admin team with the methods you wish to
employ in promoting the company’s services. There are different levels
of rewards for representatives and partners. You can have a look at them
by clicking the “partner program” at the bottom of the home page.

The next thing you may want to know about is
its use as a payment processor. Mexeer INC Limited is building a
payment system which can be used to transfer funds between account
owners or exchanging currencies from one form to another. When you
create an account on, you instantly create an
anonymous Mexeer e-currency account. The currency used here is known as
Mex, and its value is just around 1 USD. All investors pay with the Mex
and also withdraw Mex into their chosen payment processors. At this
point, you may want to know why Mexeer may be recommendable since there
are other payment systems and HYIP investment sites. We are going to
cover this in the next paragraphs.

Benefits of

Combining the e-currency and Investment platforms gives an edge over other HYIPs for the following reasons.

Your Investments are more secure

To avoid loss of funds from member accounts,
has included the most advanced security checks on the website. First of
all, it is on a dedicated server provided by CloudFlare. This dedicated
server is protected by DDoS. To increase the protection of the site is
an SSL Green Bar certificate from Comodo.
There is a method
employed by the Mexeer team that should make account owners there feel
better. The withdrawal system is divided into two components. First of
all, you have to seek withdrawal from your investment platform to your
Mexeer wallet. After this, you will then seek to move the money to your
most convenient payment processor. An extra level of security is
provided by Mexeer which sends a security code to your email address for
authenticating the withdrawal. You will be required to log in to your
email account to retrieve the security code before you can finalize the

Variable Payment Options

Like most
other e-currency accounts, Mexeer also supports the use of various
payment processors. The accounts supported on the site include Bitcoin,
Litecoin, Dash, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Peercoin and Payeer. For some
reasons best known to them, temporarily suspended the use of Dogecoin, Emercoin and Primecoin.

Nice Interest Rates

investment platform simply involves moving your money from your Mexeer
purse to the investment platform. At this point, you must note that it
is not enough to just fund your Mexeer purse. Funding/replenishing your
purse is not enough to start generating profits for you so you have to
specify which investment package you are actually gunning for. There are
three packages on Mexeer’s Investment fund; these packages are known as
The Light, Medium and Large packages. Like their name suggests, Light
package requires the simplest investment, followed by the medium package
and then the large package. The minimum amounts required for each of
them are $30, $1000 and $3000 respectively. Investing is the light
package rewards you with 50% profit in 75 days; the medium package has a
profit of 70% in 74 calendar days while the large plan pays a profit of
80% in 72 days.

Daily Payouts Including Weekends

Investors on will
start receiving their profits 24 hours after they make their first
deposit. To withdraw profit, the investor will first send it to his
Mexeer purse before specifying the payment processor he intends to use.

Flexibility in Payment Processors

Here is one way appears
to be more unique. Unlike most other HYIPs which pay out to the same
payment processor that was used in depositing funds, allows
users to replenish their account with one payment processor and
withdraw into another one of their choice. For instance, you can
replenish your Mexeer purse with Perfect Money and withdraw with
Bitcoin. The only thing you should take note of here is the withdrawal
fees of the destination account. While Mexeer charges nothing for all
deposits, withdrawal fees vary from one account type to another, but are
still free for some others like Bitcoin and Litecoin. In fact, only
Perfect Money and Payeer users will pay withdrawal fees of 0.5% and 1%
respectively. This is quite little compared to the rates charged by
other processors.

Transfer Funds/Send Money

can ask your friend to open a Mexeer account to send money. Transfer of
funds from one Mexeer purse to another is free of charge and is
processed instantly.

Conclusion is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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