Minegate.org Review – SCAM! Not Paying!

Is Minegate.org a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision.

is a cloud mining company that has been in operation since 2012. They
have been helping people earn bitcoins without their actual involvement
in the activity. Having tested their methods and seeing that they can
yield long term positive results. Minegate is enlarging its coasts to
attract more investors in any part of the world. The aim of doing this
is for them to earn more money for themselves and of course for anyone
who will as well take part in their company.

Minegate.org Payment Status: NOT PAYING

Minegate.org is now a SCAM! They stopped paying! Their website is not accessible!

speaking, they are sharing shares of their mining company so that the
money they get will be used to buy more mining equipment to increase
production. Minegate Cloud Mining Company can be contacted on the
address, 2085 Whittington Drive, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X4 or via the
email, support@minegate.org.

Overview of Minegate.org

is designed for people who have been seeking more ways to earn money.
The only things on the website are strictly for Minegate. There are no
promotional ads from other companies including Google so that one can
have an easy browsing experience on the website.

Minegate.org can
be opened on mobile phones, android tablets, ipads, laptops and anything
at all that can be used to surf the net. With just a phone, it is
possible to manage an account on Minegate comfortably. Since there is no
need to upload documents or scan pictures, signing up on a phone,
transferring funds to the account and purchasing a desired mining power
is very possible.

The Minegate website is easy to use and contains
information that is straightforward. There are links to other pages
such as FAQ, Sign Up, login, Help, Support, News and more. The home page
shows the four tier pricing model offered to the public. You can visit
the repayment page to see how much you can earn by purchasing some units
of mining power in GH/S.

Expected Earnings for 35,000Gh/s


Why Minegate is Recommendable

Profit Potential

been in the business since 2012 (four years today), one could expect
that they have what it takes to remain relevant as a paying company for
several more years. With their team of professionals in different fields
of endeavor, one would be right to assert that they are capable of
withstanding any storm that could hit financial operations. They have a
wide list of options they could venture into assuming mining fails to
yield profits as planned.

Free Mining Power

offers free 50 GH/s for every new registration and it becomes active as
soon as you purchase an additional one. The free 50 GH/S gives a profit
of $0.04 per day and up to $14.60 in a year. This is however based on
the current exchange rate of Bitcoin and Dollar. The profit should be
higher as the value of bitcoins keeps increasing.

Large Mining Pool

has a large mining pool to accommodate serious investors. They already
have more than 10500 investors who are on various mining plans and
received over 16.4 BTC since its online investment program started some
months ago. Their growth is fast and steady because of the successes
they have recorded in the past years.

Zero Commission

does not charge anything for deposits and withdrawals. The exact amount
you transfer from your Bitcoin wallet is the exact thing you will have
in your account for purchasing any of your desired plans. Similarly,
whatever profit you make from your investment will be withdrawn to your
wallet. There is no form of commission or hidden fees associated with
managing your account.

Money Back Guarantee

most other investment sites where money spent cannot be refunded,
Minegate offers you the chance to reconsider your decision. This means
if you had wrongly purchased a plan and wish to reverse it, you can
contact the support section and have your money refunded within two
days. Even if some funds have been withdrawn, the balance will be
calculated and refunded according to your request.

Affiliate System

affiliate system on Minegate is another opportunity for investors to
earn more. If you have a website, blog or a Facebook page where you can
post your referral link, simply do so for a chance to earn 5% on
whatever deposits your invitees make. You can find your own link by
going to the referral program after logging in.

Minegate.org Multiple Pricing Models

are four different pricing models on Minegate cloud mining service.
Investors can buy from 50GH/S, 1200 GH/S, 7200 GH/S and 14400 GH/S at
the rate of $0.08, $0.07, $0.06 and $0.05 per GH/S respectively. For all
these plans, Minegate calculates the profit on daily basis and sends
the result to the member’s account page; profit calculation continues
for months according to the type of plan one chooses.

An investor who
purchases up to 14000 GH/s will withdraw all his earnings in two and a
half months while daily profits of 50GH/s, 1200 GH/S and 7200 GH/S are
calculated for 3.8 months, 3.4 months and 3 months respectively. This is
better than most company shares where dividends are usually distributed
at the end of the year.

An observation of the pricing model shows
that it is quite affordable to invest in Minegate. For example,
purchasing the 50 GH/S plan requires an investment of only $4 while it
will cost $84 to buy up to 1200 GH/S. Individuals who cannot buy up to
1200 GH/S can still purchase mining powers above 50 GH/S. One can buy
60GH/S, 100 GH/S 130 GH/S and lots more. Remember that your free bonus
of 50 GH/s is also calculated in addition to whatever plan you buy so
you have more profits coming your way at the end of your investment.


Minegate.org is now a SCAM! They stopped paying! Their website is not accessible!

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