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Is a
scam or not? We have received numerous questions about this HYIP and so
we thought it would be better to make a review about it for the benefit
of everyone. We don’t just want to give an absolute yes or no answer so
that you can also make evaluations for yourself with the facts you are
going to read soon.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the heartbeat of the program. The organizers of say
they are creating an opportunity for people to grow the value of their
bitcoins in an extraordinary way, even if they know nothing about
bitcoin trading. Payment Status: NOT PAYING is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

From our investigations, we gathered that sells
bitcoins to people in places like India, where the price of Bitcoin is
much higher than in other countries. This is why bitcoins in accounts can grow to their peak without any extra effort. 18-year olds from around the world who have decided to join have
nothing to worry about when it comes to return on investment. We shall
discuss in detail the exact profits that one can realize by
participating in the project.

Overview of

whole site doesn’t look bad at all. The home page looks more appealing
than the rest of the pages, maybe because it creates the first
impression as someone visits the site. Nevertheless, the other pages are
also appealing, at least for their simplicity, which makes them easy to
read and understand.
The website is informative and users may
rarely need the extra assistance of the customer support team except for
technical issues that are not generally discussed. If you are in doubt
of what an investment will yield, the profit calculator on the page will
make it much easier for you to evaluate.
Indeed the project is a
new one, but this is also good news since most new HYIPs are at least
paying for the first few weeks. There are other added advantages for
participating in and it would be nice to go through some of them.

More Benefits of is Secure

would like to deposit money into any program that cannot guarantee the
safety of their funds no matter how high their interest rates are.
However, has effectively combined security and high
returns on investments to give every client that maximum satisfaction
they crave for. The website has DDoS protection and its SSL-encryption
prevents password theft or account hacking. requires low investments

is easier to invest 0.01 BTC than to pay more than ten times the amount
for a fixed deposit in any bank. You may also choose to step up your
deposit to about 50 BTC if you can easily afford it. Investment Plans low withdrawal amount
also makes it possible for investors to withdraw the moment they are
credited. With a low minimum balance of only 0.002 BTC, more investors
can smile to the bank every hour when they get their credit alerts. requires low withdrawal fees

should mind the number of times they withdraw their benefits from the
site because withdrawal fees apply. It is a fixed amount though, and it
is just 0.001 BTC, even if you are withdrawing more than a thousand
dollars. is Profitable   

There are three profit plans on The
first is called the Starter Plan because it is basically what most
starters would love to subscribe to as it requires a low deposit amount
of 0.01 BTC to 0.09 BTC.  The starter plan will pay you 0.1% every hour
from the moment your deposit is registered. The next profit plan is
called the Popular Plan. Members of the Viral Alert review team have
been wondering why this should be called the Popular Plan and our
investigations pointed out that it is the most preferred choice even
among those who cannot afford between 0.1 BTC and 2.99 BTC. The money is
not too much so even those who don’t have the amount to invest often
talk about it as if they are making plans to get a loan for it. The
popular plan pays 4.1% daily (that is 0.17% hourly).The most rewarding
plan is called the “Rich Plan.” Obviously, a daily profit of 5.3%
on 3 BTC or more can make anyone rich within a few days. This means
that the name coined for this particular plan is not a mistake.
Every plan lasts for 100 days, so you will continue to earn interests for three months and some days. Automatic Payment

Hourly profits go straight to your online account. The
money you see there every hour can either be withdrawn or reinvested.
As experts in HYIPs, we advise that you reinvest only a part of the
total amount and withdraw the others. Determine how much you want to
earn passively in a day and this will guide you in making certain
decisions. Support is Fast is
not like many other HYIPs that find it difficult to respond to their
clients’ queries in good time. The support team is always at work to
assist investors even during the weekends. There is no time zone for the
support team as they are obliged to work round the clock. Returns Principal

you think you are unable to continue with an investment plan you have
already registered, it is possible to cancel the transaction and get
back your principal. You can withdraw your principal after 24 hours and
sacrifice 25% of the amount involved or leave the withdrawal after 100
days when your investment must have matured. Values Its Affiliates has an affiliate program that enables participants to further grow their bitcoins to the peak. PeakBTC affiliates enjoy 5% commission and will continue to earn as much as that even if they succeed in registering more than one thousand clients.

Conclusion is SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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