Property Profits 4U Review

Property Profits 4U Review

Property Profits 4U is a home business opportunity that is seemingly being sold on behalf of Nice Choice properties, a property brokerage company operated by Michael Keeling.

What does Property Profits 4U offer?

The sales material for Property Profits 4U presents itself as a package that will allow you to start your own business within the property industry. The package covers a number of different topics including things like what you need to do to become a property broker, how to market yourself and your business as well as general tips and advice from an “insider”.

Also included with Property Profits 4U is a ready made website (which appears to be based on the same template Michael Keeling uses for Nice Choice) as well as a “list of property buyers”. Everything is broken down into a step by step process in order to help users to follow what Property Profits 4U teaches.

It is worth pointing out that whilst Property Profits 4U is delivered online, customers can also request that a physical copy can be sent out on CD.

How does Property Profits 4U work?

Working as a property broker is very much a legitimate career move and for those who know what they are doing and have the contacts, it can prove lucrative. The core idea is that as a broker, you have a list of people, all who are cash buyers, waiting to purchase houses.

You tout for business on their behalf and when you find somebody who is looking for a quick sale or perhaps doesn’t want to deal with agents, you connect the two parties in exchange for a commission. Property Profits 4U shows you everything that you allegedly need in order to do this,

What is the initial investment?

Nice Choice are currently selling Property Profits 4U for a one time cost of £47. This represents a discount on the “usual” value of £99.

This is claimed to only be on offer for a “few days” however I am yet to see anything that suggests that this will end. There is no mention of any money back guarantee and as such, I don’t think I’d want to be reliant on these being in place.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for Property Profits 4U says that you can expect to make at least £1,000 on each deal or around 1% of the sales price.

Conclusion on Property Profits 4U?

I actually have acquaintances who are in this line of work and whilst there is some potential in terms of making it a business, I would say that it isn’t anywhere near as easy as Property Profits 4U makes it sound.

This is because most people who move into property brokerage are already coming from a role working in property where they have an active list of contacts in their area. To simply jump in and expect to start a brokerage business (without using companies who will buy anybody’s home at a reduced rate) seems a little naïve to me.

That doesn’t mean that you should dismiss Property Profits 4U out of hand as there is quite a lot of helpful information, but I would go in with somewhat tempered expectations.

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