Risingbtc.com Review – SCAM! Not Paying!



Is Risingbtc.com a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.
is a new website for HYIP and since its launch, quite a number of
people have been asking questions about it. That is why we have felt the
burden to make a review for our esteemed readers. We hope that by
reading this review, you can know for yourself how to judge the site and
compare it with other similar ones. We shall also give a conclusion
based on what we think of it ourselves.

Risingbtc.com Payment Status: SCAM! Not Paying

Risingbtc.com is now a SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

Let’s start with when and how it started. Risingbtc.com
is an initiative of Rising Group Limited, a UK-based company registered
by the Companies House with the number, 10536095. You can verify this
information on this page, https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10536095. It s a private limited company established in December 2016 and is a legal entity for activities of investment trusts.
was launched to create an opportunity for those who would love to earn
passive income forever by simply supporting bitcoin trading with a
fraction of their savings. That is why they have enabled small deposits
even from 0.01 BTC. The idea is to collect money from as many interested
individuals as possible so that the experts can have enough to trade
successfully. This will not be a problem for those who believe in the
future and versatility of Bitcoins.

Risingbtc.com Investment Plans

Risingbtc.com Investment Plan

Overview of Risingbtc.com

prides itself as the number one choice for both the professional and
the amateur trader. This is so because as a professional, you may want
to trade by yourself to get all the possible profits one can get, but
with the high interest rates offered by Risingbtc.com,
you no longer have to bother yourself about that. Furthermore, the
amateurs will find it very convenient because they have no extra work to
do in order to earn. After depositing their money, they just sit down
and relax with their profits which accumulate every hour. Moreover, the
site is easy to use and even without a laptop, one can quickly access it
on mobile phones with any operating system as long as it supports
internet access.
So far so good, and we can also attest to that. Risingbtc.com
users are satisfied with the features available on the site. They enjoy
the profit calculator, beautiful design, social network links, nice
support page, an exhaustive FAQ page, multiple language options (up to
seven of them) and many more.  Indeed, website designers may want to
have a clue of what a good site should look like by visiting Risingbtc.com.

Why choose Risingbtc.com among other HYIPs.

Legit Company

company is a legit one as you can see in the certificate. Everything
looks transparent, with an address and a company number which can make
it easily tracked.

24/7 Support Team

There are some
dedicated workers employed to handle all queries. This means that you
will get answers to your questions as fast as possible. You can reach
them by sending an email or a ticket available on the support page.


level of security on Risingbtc.com is too much. One would think that it
is a bank-level security and this is quite understandable based on the
fact that the site collects and reserves huge amount of money from the
public. Of course, it wouldn’t want a situation where those that support
it would feel sad to lose even a cent. That is why it has the services
of Comodo, McAfee, AVG, Trust Wave, CloudFlare and Site Lock. All these
companies work together to make Risingbtc.com impenetrable and 100% safe for investors to save their money, no matter how big it is.

Initial Deposit Remains Yours

You are free to request for your initial deposit if you are not satisfied with the level of service. For Risingbtc.com
to enable this signifies that they are quite confident that their
program is nice and that lots of people will gain satisfaction from it.
However, if you would like to withdraw your deposit and discontinue
receiving hourly profits, you will be charged some processing fee. The
fee varies according to the number of days or weeks you have invested
with them. The highest you will be charged is 10% of your deposit but it
becomes lower week after week up till the tenth week when there will be
no more deductions made if you wish to discontinue. There will be no
need however since it is at this point that your account will be due for
0.20% hourly profit forever. In other words, accounts up to 10 weeks
old are scheduled for continuous profits of 0.20% till infinity.

High profitability

From day 1, the interest rates offered by Risingbtc.com
are high. The company starts with a profit of 0.11% in the first week,
and it keeps increasing by 0.01% weekly up to the 10th week when you
will be paid 0.2% forever. We believe that this tactic was created to
keep their clients and to make them enjoy keeping in touch for up to 10
weeks when they would have fully mastered the operations of the company.
There are no different interest rates or different plans; everybody
enjoys the same package but the difference lies on the amount of money
you start with. It is essentially the more you give, the more you


Risingbtc.com is now a SCAM. They stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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