Review – SCAM! Not Paying!

Is a scam? We have received several mails lately about making a review for because
the program looks quite strange. However, after a detailed study and
investing a little with them, we have come up with a conclusion that
should further help you in knowing what the project stands for. is
a new hyip investment site. Of course, you wouldn’t classify a paying
program as a scam. The only thing is that the managers of the program
seem to have devised a scheme that is not very common. We shall talk
more about this later but for now, be aware that the name of the company
sponsoring the project is Strange Event Limited, and it has been on
board since 2008 although the special project is barely one-month-old,
having been launched on January 13, 2017. Payment Status: SCAM! Not Paying! is a SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!

The company is registered in England with the number, 10295681. Investment Plans Investment Plans

Overview of organizes
what it calls special games. They make their money by helping people to
predict the outcome of football matches in the second division.
Actually, if you are interested in making money from football betting,
it does not really matter where you place your bet; you should, however,
be more concerned about where your bets can win. realized
that up to 50% of the matches played in the second divisions across
several continents can be predicted and won so they decided to focus on
that area. What is more spectacular about their own system is that they
even take advantage of match fixing, thereby increasing the chances of
winning a bet. Most second division games have their results known even
before they are played. has links with the
referees and the match officials where these games are played to gather
information about what is going to happen for certain games. Even though
such information is not officially divulged to the public, it appears
that has modalities in place and the trust of
those concerned (including the players of the teams). After placing the
bet, Strange Event managers go to sleep because the outcome of the games
they play is already known.
It is quite difficult for a single
individual to get the result of special games before hand because the
sports teams and the board of the football association involved still
strive to maintain their reputation. It is easier for such persons who
are interested in special games to subscribe to projects like where
every modality and technicality has already been taken care of. All you
have to do is to invest some of your money and be rest assured of
profits. The certainty of winning games makes it possible to predict the
lifespan of
It is vital to spell out some likely benefits of joining today. You can find some of them in the paragraphs below:

Benefits of

Long-term Target

Apart from football, is
also working towards organizing special games in other sports where
second division leagues are found. Their plan is to cover several sports
in all the continents and to bring back the profits to its numerous

A Chance to bet

If you are not
comfortable with their style of business, or you wish to earn more money
on your own, you can also bet on games by yourself. Your betting
platform is available on your personal account and you can earn as much
as you want by playing more games.

Reasonable and Steady Profits

1.4% daily for 15 days isn’t a bad idea. Considering what the company
does, it is almost 100% certain that you can have your money as
predicted in 15 days. Currently, the program is paying and we will
inform you anytime it decides to stop paying.

Flexible Investment Style

There is actually no fixed plan on The
only thing is that you should have at least $10 to start benefiting
from the company. With $10 and above, you will start earning 1.4% of
whatever you put into the business. Having said that, it means you can
spend $15, $18, $25 or whatsoever. Calculating the profits is also not
difficult since there is a calculator meant for that purpose on the

Initial Deposit Back

You will still get
back whatever you invested in the company after 15 days. So, assuming
you start with $100, you will have a total of $121 at the end of the
day. $100 will be your deposit while $21 becomes your net profit. There
are only a few businesses that can guarantee you such a profit with only
$100 in less than three weeks nowadays.

Several Strange Games Played and Won

Strange Event Limited started
playing strange games back in 2008. The company is about nine years old
already in the field and has spent over 1 million US dollars in playing
fixed matches. It was because of the success recorded in the past that
they decided to allow people to join the program. With more money
available now, it is possible that there will be more profits for
everyone to share.

Multiple Payment Processors supports
three major online payment systems: Bitcoin, AdvCash, and Perfect
Money. Just make sure you enter the account details carefully at the
point of registration because you may not be able to change it afterward
except if the company gives you a special consideration. Moreover, you
cannot withdraw into a different payment system from the one you used in
registering a plan. Notwithstanding, you can have multiple plans on
different payment systems provided you can withdraw to the same account
you used in entering a particular plan.

Multiple Languages

website can be read in three different languages: Russian, English, and
Chinese. It is also possible to get help from the support team in these

 Support Team

The support is pretty
fast. You may get a prompt as soon as you enter the site to send a
message.  The company is always willing to get feedback from its
investors and visitors to the site. You can also send an email address
or make a phone call to the company. You are free to use any of the
three support systems.

Affiliate Program also
has a lucrative affiliate scheme. The scheme is divided into the client
affiliate program and the representative affiliate program. Client
affiliates earn 6%-2%-1% for 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels respectively while
representatives earn 10%, 3% and 1% depending on the level of
commission. While there is no special consideration for the client
affiliate program, requires that representatives must have at least $1000 in their personal account to be considered a position.

Conclusion is a SCAM. They have stopped paying. Do Not Invest!


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