The ACT Signal Software Review (Streetwise Publications)

The ACT Signal Software Review (Streetwise Publications)

The ACT Signal Software is a brand new product from Ian Williams and John Harrison of Streetwise Publications. It is a piece of software that is supposedly to make a guaranteed and substantial income through commodities trading.

What does the product offer?

As I have come to expect from anything from Streetwise Publications, the sales material for The ACT Signal Software reads like a dream to those who aren’t in the know. With headlines claiming that you can divert “£500 a week (or more) into your bank account”, all with “No Effort… No Work… No Hassle!”, who wouldn’t be interested? Unfortunately, anybody who knows Streetwise Publications and their products knows that the reality of The ACT Signal Software is likely to be a lot more measured.

So, what exactly are you getting with The ACT Signal Software? Streetwise Publications says that it is a “simple piece of software” which you run each day to find trading opportunities, a task which supposedly takes just 30 seconds if there are no advised trades and 5 minutes at most if there are. What really makes The ACT Signal Software stand out is the claim that all of this can be done without analysing financial data, poring over charts, taking any undue risk and (of course) doing no work.

As well as the software, you also get the theory behind The ACT Signal Software and this is where Ian Williams comes into the scene. He is a trader who has worked with Streetwise Publications before on previous trading products, many of which have met with rather mixed reviews. I won’t go into the details of the theory of things for a number of reasons, but as is often the case with products from Streetwise Publications, there are some good ideas and thoughts and some rather joined up thinking that seem more like flights of fancy.

How does the product work?

At the core of The ACT Signal Software as a concept is that you are better off trading commodities than you are currency pairs etc. as they are inherently less volatile. Furthermore, Ian Williams says that commodities are an ideal thing to trade as they “trend” easily and strongly. What this means is that if there is market movement one way or another, it will continue in this vein for some time. This is central to the software behind The ACT Signal Software.

For those who aren’t familiar with commodities markets, these are literally things that you purchasing options on rather than currency. When it comes to commodities, there is one thing that does work in the favour of The ACT Signal Software and that is variety. Because commodities can be anything from crude oil to gold (obvious things which plenty of people will think of) to soy and cocoa (which most people wouldn’t think of) and they are traded against a single currency, this can make predicting market movements somewhat easier.

Truthfully, I am not entirely convinced that the software side of The ACT Signal Software is quite as efficient as it is made out to be. Furthermore, I think that the sales material is massively misleading in presenting The ACT Signal Software as a “do nothing” money making opportunity.

What is the initial investment?

Given that it is a product from Streetwise Publications, it may not come as a surprise to learn that The ACT Signal Software is far from cheap. The whole package is being sold for £497 plus VAT meaning that you will ultimately pay out almost £600 for The ACT Signal Software. Incredibly, this is also supposedly with half off the claimed real value of £997 (which is once again claimed by Streetwise Publications to be much cheaper than other alternatives). All of this comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee should you find that The ACT Signal Software isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for The ACT Signal Software is sold as being hugely profitable. The numbers quoted in the sales material however are massively varied. These range hugely from £80 – £130 in just an hour “right from the off” with £20,000 to £30,000 supposedly achievable on an annual basis, even if you are starting with just a few hundred pounds. If you start with “a few grand”, then John Harrison claims that you £100,000 per year is “well within reach”. Not surprisingly, there is very little in the way of evidence to back this up.


As is often the way with anything from Streetwise Publications, the truth of whether or not The ACT Signal Software is any good sits somewhere between the hype of the sales material and natural cynicism. The first thing that I think does need to be addressed is that despite what is claimed, this is not a zero effort way of making money online. Such a thing doesn’t really exist. I also don’t believe for one second that this is really as low risk as John Harrison suggests. Truthfully, the risk thing is something that is only really touched upon once and then isn’t discussed which I personally find to be rather suspect.

As a method of making money, trading commodities can be a smart approach and there is definitely a lot of money to be made. Whilst I don’t claim to be an expert on trading, I do have some knowledge and commodities do generally have more stability than currency pairs. There is a reason that futures for certain crop yields and products are as valuable as they are. Truthfully, this is a rather specialised area however and I don’t think that any piece of software can simply jump in and start predicting and following these trends (especially not to the extent that the sales material for The ACT Signal Software suggests).

One of the big things that needs to be considered when you are purchasing anything online is whether or not you are getting value for money, and whilst there is arguably some value to be had with The ACT Signal Software, I simply don’t think that you are getting £600 worth. This is a hugely substantial initial outlay, especially when you consider that you will also require an additional “few grand” in order to really get started.

All things considered, I don’t think that The ACT Signal Software is necessarily bad. There is definitely some decent ideas in the theory and whilst I don’t believe that the software is terrible (I have definitely seen worse examples), I simply don’t think that it really works quite how the sales material sells it. With all that in mind, I simply don’t see The ACT Signal Software as being something worth investing in.

As is often the case with anything related to Streetwise Publications, the biggest problem lies in the initial outlay which is hugely significant for what is on offer.


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