The Now Trading System-Simply Following The Trend Has It Begins!



The now trading System: this is a powerful trading method,because we are basically following a trend has it starts and trailing it until our stoploss is hit…

The concept behind this method is pretty straight forward.I will identify the new trend and post the alert here of possible entry points and stoploss;using a stoploss of 40 or 60 pips and moving our stoploss to break-even when price moves 40/60 pips in our favour and closing 70% of the trade.

So for today we shall be looking at possible trade entry on the- SELL ON AUDJPY, SELL ON AUDUSD AND BUY ON USDCAD


I shall keep you all posted as event unfolds and feel free to use the comment box below to ask your questions.

4 thoughts on “The Now Trading System-Simply Following The Trend Has It Begins!”

  1. Drop questions,because I want this post to be interactive…This is a great method that will change the way you trade the financial market or any other instruments…

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