World Cup Special 2018 Preview By Betfan

World Cup Special 2018 Preview By Betfan

World Cup Special by Betfan is a soon to be released product from the Betfan group which will provide tips for the upcoming World Cup in Russia. They are already claiming some strong profit potential.

Introduction to Betfan’s World Cup Special 2018

The world cup is round the corner and the services are coming out of the Woodwork. One of the key players are the Betfan group and so their offerings are something that I am keen to look at. Especially since they are gearing Betfan’s World Cup Special  up to the their “BETTING RAMPAGE IN RUSSIA”, which of course sounds like the subtitle for a straight to DVD B-Movie sequel. They are however claiming some pretty substantial results for the last major National tournament in the shape of the European Championships. With this in mind, I wanted to have a little look at what we can possibly expect.

What Does Betfan’s World Cup Special  Offer?

I often feel that when it comes to the Betfan group, there is a strong sense of go big or go home. This can be applied a lot of aspects of their services from the costs to the stakes. Most importantly however, it can be applied to the profits and that is the reason that ultimately, you are here. Because you want to make money online. Now I have to be up front and say here and now that there will be some speculation on my behalf here, however I have a pretty good idea what Betfan are about and what it is reasonable to expect.

Naturally Betfan’s World Cup Special  will cover a lot of games over the course of the World Cup, however I would not anticipate a bet for all of the 64 games which are to be played. The fact of the matter is that any tipster worth their salt will tell you that this is a sure fire way to ruin yourself and whilst there are a number of criticisms that can be levelled at Betfan, they tend to only get the best specialists in for these kinds of event based services.

In terms of the bets themselves, I would be ready for a massive variety of bets across a number of different markets. Again, when it boils down to it, Betfan are very good at taking advantage of any and all advantages in terms of value and improved odds.

I can’t help but feel that one of the keys in this area will be longer term bets as well. This will no doubt involve looking at things like the top goal scorer and overall winners. One thing that has jumped out at me is that Betfan say that Betfan’s World Cup Special  is not just aiming to beat the bookies, but also “the less experienced punters” on betting exchanges.

In terms of the potential stakes, during Euro 2016, the same tipster who is providing selections for Betfan’s World Cup Special  typically staked between 1 and 5 points on bets. It seems very likely to me that this same approach will be taken with the World Cup as well. Slightly less important historically is the strike rate and as such, I am rather loathe to throw my hat into the arena in this regard.

The fact is that as a group, if a service is making money, then Betfan don’t appear to be overly concerned with how this is happening and I would expect Betfan’s World Cup Special  to be no different.

How Does Betfan’s World Cup Special  Work?

Betfan are understandably playing their cards close to their chest in terms of how Betfan’s World Cup Special  is going to work and I can’t really say that I blame them. There are however a few snippets of information that, if entirely true, show a lot of potential for Betfan’s World Cup Special .

First of all, they say that they have an “expert football betting advisor” who will be reporting to their members. They also say that said advisor will be analysing all of the “boring stuff” which rather ironically includes things that I consider to be very interesting as a punter. This includes things like the teams, history, stats and trends.

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the big questions that hangs around Betfan’s World Cup Special  is the pricing. At the time of writing, Betfan say that you can register early in order to secure a reduced rate for the service however since this lacks context, I am rather uncertain how to place this information. Realistically, Betfan are somewhat inconsistent with their pricing in my book and so honestly, you could well be looking at more than £50 for the whole tournament.

What is the Rate of Return?

Obviously the World Cup is still a good few weeks off yet and with no bets placed or advised, it is difficult to say how much Betfan’s World Cup Special  will ultimately make. There is however some context for this. Over the European Championships, the same tipster generated a profit of 48.22 points. It is not inconceivable to me that something similar will be achieved over this tournament too.

Conclusion on Betfan’s World Cup Special 2018

It is early days yet and I don’t doubt that Betfan’s World Cup Special  is unlikely to be the last World Cup betting service that we will see over the next few weeks. In fact, I have already looked at one at the time of writing. Now this is all a preview on Betfan’s World Cup Special  and as such, I will not be casting any final judgement, in no small part because a big part of this has been based on assumptions that I am quite happy to admit that I have made.

If time goes on and I have been proven massively wrong, then I am happy to come back and update this article.

The fact is that there is one reason more than any other that I believe that Betfan’s World Cup Special  is worth some very serious consideration, even at this early point. That is Betfan’s track record.

Their services have a history of romping out of the gates and failing in the longer term. This means that their team are very well suited to shorter events and this will undoubtedly include Betfan’s World Cup Special . Big profits made quickly is the name of the game and I can easily see a lot of money being made here.

It goes without saying however that the deciding factor in whether or not Betfan’s World Cup Special  is worth backing is the cost. If you are going to pay a lot of money, well there will undoubtedly be other World Cup tipster services in the more immediate run up. For my money though, if Betfan don’t ask too much, Betfan’s World Cup Special  will more likely than not turn out to be one of the better options on the market.

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